Committee members


TSAC Margaret Allen

Margaret Allen

CEO and State Librarian 

State Library of Western Australia


 TSAC Suzie Gately

Suzie Gately

Manager, Libraries and Learning

City of Newcastle


TSAC Laurie Atkinson

Laurie Atkinson

Director, Law Library of Victoria and Supreme Court Librarian

Law Library of Victoria


 TSAC Cheryl Hamill

Cheryl Hamill

Head of Department, Library & Information Service, for the South and East Metropolitan Health Services

South Metropolitan Health Service


TSAC Fiona Bradley

Fiona Bradley

Director, Research Services and Corporate University Library

University of New South Wales


 TSAC Liz Holcombe

Liz Holcombe

Collection Manager, Print and Published

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


TSAC Teresa Chitty

Teresa Chitty

University Librarian

University of Adelaide


 TSAC Anna Raunik

Anna Raunik

Executive Director, Content and Client Services

State Library of Queensland


portrait of Marie-Louise Ayres

Dr Marie-Louise Ayres


National Library of Australia


portrait of Alison Dellit

Alison Dellit

Assistant Director-General, Collaboration Branch

National Library of Australia