Journal viewer

Some journals found on Trove can be previewed or viewed entirely online. Use the journal viewer to navigate digitised journals, such as magazines, newsletters, academic journals and research reports held at the National Library of Australia.

Select Read in the Trove record, then View at Trove Digital Library to open it in the journal viewer.

Note: There may be a freely accessible online version of the item. This might include a link to Hathi Trust or the Open Library, which are free sources of online full text. If a preview of the item exists in Google Books it will also be linked here.

Viewer controls

The viewer controls enable zoom, rotation and navigation. They are located at the top of the viewer.

  One-page view: View one page at a time

  Two-page view: View two pages at a time

  Thumbnail view: View all pages in the publication

Zoom in    or out    : Zoom in and out of the page

Flip left  or right  : Turn to the previous or next page

  Show full screen: View the page in full screen mode. Select again to return to viewer mode 

  Rotate Page: Rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise

  View page in more detail: View the page in the image viewer

Page slider: Select and drag to a specific page

Journal viewer page slider

Use the sidebar to find information on what you are viewing, and options to access it. The sidebar is located on the left hand side of the page.


Get information about the item you are viewing. You can find information such as title, issue details and the location of the physical copy at the National Library of Australia.


View the copyright status of the item, including an explanation of this status. Many items in the Trove Digital Library collection are still in copyright. This information is a guide only; the item you are viewing may be subject to additional agreements relating to use and reproduction. If you would like further information on the status of any item, please Contact Us.


View a table of contents with links to specific pages and articles in the publication. This option is only available for items with electronically translated text (see Text below).


Search for keywords within a journal. This option is only available for items with electronically translated text (see Text below).


View the electronically translated text of the document (if available). The text is electronically generated so it may contain some errors. It is not currently possible to correct text in the Trove Digital Library collections. 


View citations in a number of standard styles. You can copy and paste the citation that best suits your needs. Note: Citations are automatically generated and may require some modification.

Learn more about citing sources found on Trove


Download digital copies in available formats. Check copyright status.

Learn more about downloading


Order a copy of the image. You can order standard or higher resolution images. All copy orders are referred to the National Library’s Copies Direct service. If an item is in copyright you may require permission from the copyright holder to obtain a copy.

Learn more about getting copies

  Toggle View 

Display or hide the sidebar information pane.

Browse journals

Browse all the issues of a digitised magazine or newsletter when viewing any issue. Select Browse this collection in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page. This will open a list of all the available issues. Select an issue to open it in the journal viewer.

Example of breadcrumb trail