Trove system updates

On this page, you can see details of recent updates made to Trove. The notes aren’t exhaustive (not everyone wants to see an essay on our search indexes or APIs), but if it affects what you see and do on Trove, it’ll be here. 

If you find something in Trove is not working as you’d expect, check our list of known IT issues. Our team may already be investigating a solution. If you can’t see it listed on that page, we’d recommend contacting Trove Support

Release notes 

8 December 2021 - Trove 10.15.0


  • Advanced search single organisation search will return results for a single sub-organisation.
  • Web archive ‘All of these words’ and ‘search within this domain’ search behaviour adjusted.

Manuscript finding aids

  • Where digitised material is not available online a “Not available Online” message will display instead of an error message.


  • Copyright status messages adjusted in line with current legislation.

17 September 2021 - Trove 10.14.0


  • A search for a complete URL will now redirect to the website viewer (e.g.
  • Using the ‘search within’ function on digitized collections continues to show search terms
  • Use of the minus operator in Trove search adjusted

27 May 2021 - Trove 10.12.0


  • Banner and alert behaviour is now consistent across Trove.


  • List date range filters and pill display the original query until you click “Apply”
  • Archived Websites Advanced Search date filter applying to results.
  • Archived Website Snapshot date filter displaying calendar options.
  • Search terms carry over to delivery systems.


  • Search within OCR text captures hyphenated words and ignores commas and apostrophes.
  • When loading digitised material in Chrome the image no longer shakes.
  • Digitised material in Books and Libraries, Magazines and Newsletters, and Research and Reports categories display as scanned image numbers instead of page numbers.
  • Oral History end user agreement updated to include new contact details for rights enquiries.


  • User achievements for Newspapers are displaying.
  • Captcha for anonymous text corrections adjusted.

Social media

  • The correct Trove logo is displayed when links are shared in social media.

6 May 2021 - Trove 10.11.1

Active Trove sessions

  • An improvement has been made to the length of active Trove sessions.

15 April 2021 - Trove 10.11.0

Trove user accounts:

  • Trove moved to a new login system. Existing account holders will need to reset their password before logging in for the first time following this update. Find out more here.

Newspapers and Gazettes:

  • When a login session times out in Trove discovery (search & search results), user is not also automatically logged out from newspapers delivery/text correction. Users may need to log in again if they have been inactive for more than 8 hours.

4 March 2021 - Trove 10.10.0


  • The play buttons for transcript and summary of Trove audio will play and resume from the selected timepoint and can swap between playback from timepoints.

  • Acknowledgements ribbon tab in the book viewer shows complete and correctly spelled word.

28 January 2021 - Trove version 10.9.0

Newspapers & Gazettes:

  • The “All newspapers and gazettes titles” browsing page displays the correct number of pages available to view in Trove.
  • ISSNs of former and later titles in a newspaper record are no longer linked to the Trove search page.
  • When adding multiple tags separated by commas, each of the separate tags will be visible on Save.

People & Organisations:

  • Links in finding aids referencing searches for people or organisation lead to a search in the People & Organisations category for the relevant search term.


  • On page load of the publications in ePub format full text can be viewed without some text being covered by footer in reduced size window.

User profile - Under ‘Text corrections’:

  • Corrected articles show newspaper issue date with the newspaper title and page number.
  • The right number of lines corrected is recorded in Trove user accounts. Line breaks cannot be deleted and are no longer counted as text corrections.

12 November 2020 -Trove version 10.7.0

User Profiles:

  • When searching for private tags and notes capitalisation of usernames now no longer impacts results. All private tags and notes from classic Trove should display.

Works and Lists:

  • The date search for filtering editions and list content now applies as expected.

1 October 2020 - Trove version 10.6.0


  • When switching from one ‘Sort by’ option to another, the pagination of search results at the bottom of the screen resets to page 1.
  • Searches are retained after a Voluntrove logs in or out of their profile.
  • Newspapers advanced search retains advanced search filters after the keyword from the simple search has been removed.
  • Search results urls shortened by bitly will now work when posted in Facebook.

Text correction:

  • The ‘Compare’ text correction function in the Trove user profile is fixed. The option is showing entire article details, which can then be hidden by using a ‘Collapse’ option.

General display and usability:

  • The thumbnail viewer displays when an article has more than one page and it can be closed and re-opened.
  • The Book Merchant Bookstore is now one of the bookshops Trove searches under the buy tab.

Improvements for API users:

  • Additional MARC data has been added to the API. This is to facilitate the inclusion of partner collections in MARC in the Pacific Virtual Museum project.

20 August 2020 - Trove version 10.5.0


  • Newspapers & Gazettes advanced search using date range is restored and returns correct search results.
  • Newspapers & Gazettes advanced search ‘Clear’ button clears all filters including date range.
  • Books & Libraries advanced search for creator names using “all of these words” returns results for names in both “first name, surname” or “surname, first name” order.
  • Websites search no longer requires users to complete a Captcha authentication.
  • Advanced search filters name has been updated from ‘Show filters’ to ‘Show advanced search’ & 'Hide advanced search' when accessing advanced search filters to make them easier to locate.
  • Advanced search fields have improved contrast on text which is entered into search fields to make the search terms more readable.


  • Full partner organisation/name now displays in links under the 'Borrow' tab (e.g. organisation & branch).
  • Details on selection of a specific edition of a work has been restored. This includes refreshing the holding organisation name under the ‘Borrow’ tab, and displaying other available editions of the work.

Text correction:

  • Add/remove line function is now more easily accessible & pinned to line of text.
  • Newspapers & Gazettes advanced search using 'phrase search’ now highlights search terms in the Newspapers & Gazettes delivery viewer.

Voluntrove user accounts:

  • When logged in, all articles you have text corrected will display “Text corrected by you” in the search results and text correction history.
  • Links from 'Notes' displayed in your Voluntrove account have been restored and now link directly to the article in Trove delivery. 

General display and usability:

  • Improvements to display of Trove on mobile devices including menus, search results, and blogs.
  • Trove Partner Dashboard modified to appear full screen.

8 July 2020 – Trove version 10.4.0 

  • Text correction - as suggested by some of our top text correctors: 
    • Default text correction font now a serif font to improve readability. 
    • More space created in editing mode – reduced button size, optimised spacing between lines, changes to how deleted lines appear and removal of the blue acknowledgment banner when editing. 
    • Add/remove line function moved down, so as not to block end of current line.
  • Updates to the appearance of buttons and the homepage “keyhole” feature.
  • Search results – when navigating “back” to search results from a viewer, you are returned to the place on the page where you last clicked a link.
  • Search term highlights in newspapers viewer now visible for most types of advanced and basic searches, except “the phrase” field in advanced search.