Become a partner

Become a Trove Partner in a few easy steps:

  1. Review the partner services offered
  2. Contact Trove Partner Support for a quote
  3. Accept quote and return the Trove Collaborative Services Agreement order form customised for your organisation.

Once you have registered and your signed order form has been received by Trove Collaborative Services, your new Partner pack will be sent to you, including:

  • your login details
  • information about the Trove Partner services.

Contact us for a quote

Contact Trove Partner Support for a quote at any time.

Partner terms and conditions

The Trove Collaborative Services Agreement (TCSA) is structured in two parts: an order form and the main terms and conditions. The order form is a two-page document that confirms an organisation's acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Below are links to the full terms and conditions, and individual schedules:


A complete listing of pricing packages in Schedule 3 of the terms and conditions.

Need help?

Contact Trove Partner Support for assistance, or if you would like to discuss your needs.