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Trove helps you explore the digitised content and collections held by hundreds of libraries and cultural collections across Australia.

Trove support

If you are new to Trove, have a look at the information in Help to discover how to get the most out of what Trove has to offer.  For answers to common questions about downloading, browsing newspapers, copyright and more, see our main Help page.

If you have a question about the service and can’t find an answer in Help, please contact Trove Support.

Share your Trove stories or user feedback

Get in touch with us to share your research stories, interesting uses of Trove and way Trove has helped you.

We also welcome your feedback, which we use to improve our services.  Please provide comments via our feedback form.

Research support

If you need help with starting or continuing your research on Trove, please use the National Library of Australia’s Ask a librarian service.

As Trove is an initiative of the National Library of Australia, we follow the NLA Service Charter in responding to enquiries.

Report a technical problem

If you find something in Trove is not quite working as you'd expect, we recommend checking our page on known IT issues to see if the technical team is already working on it. The Trove system updates page also shares recent fixes and release notes on updates to the Trove system. We also have a list of frequently asked questions that we update regularly.

If you want to report a technical problem, please contact Trove Support.

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