You usually have to wait in the rush of a busy conference or trade show to get Trove merchandise. But this time, we're delivering it straight to you! See below for downloadable and printable goodies you can make and share today.

Trove chatterbox

Share your love of Trove with friends and family with a fun chatterbox game! Follow these simple instructions to download, print and create this chatterbox so you can start searching for and uncovering the wonders of Trove.

Downloading and printing the chatterbox:

  1. Click on the link below to download the chatterbox.
  2. The page will open in your browser as a .pdf file.
  3. Print the page by selecting ‘File’ and Print’ in your browser or by clicking on the print icon in the top-right-hand side of the browser. A colour printer is best, if you have one.

 Download Trove Chatterbox

Making the chatterbox:

  1. Cut out around the edge of the chatter box so that there is no white space around the edge.
  2. With your chatterbox sitting colour-side down, fold along the two diagonal lines that run through the centre like so: 

    Chatterbox instructions 1


  3. Unfold your chatterbox so that it is flat, with fold lines like so:Chatterbox instructions 2
  4. Fold all four corners into the centre of the square so that each of the points touch.Chatterbox Instructions 3


  5. Once you’ve folded all the corners in, your chatterbox should look like this:Chatterbox Instructions 4


  6. Flip your chatterbox over, so that the folds that you just made are facing downwards.
  7. Fold each of the corners to the centre again like so:Chatterbox instructions 5


  8. Now your chatterbox should look like this:Chatterbox instructions 6


  9. Fold in half vertically and then unfold so that only the crease remains.
  10. Fold in half horizontally and then unfold so that only the crease remains.
  11. With the chatterbox facing colour-side up, put your fingers under the four open corners:Chatterbox instructions 7


Playing with the chatterbox:

  1. Find a friend who you’d like to explore Trove with.  
  2. Ask them to pick one of the colours on the square pockets.
  3. Open and close the chatterbox while spelling out the colour selected.
  4. Ask them to choose one of the numbers that’s revealed inside the chatterbox after spelling out the colour.  
  5. Open and close the chatterbox while counting out the number selected.
  6. Ask them to pick one of the questions that they'd like to answer.  
  7. Open the flap to find the item on Trove you can use to answer the question!  

You may wish to make your own version of the Trove chatterbox...go ahead!

Share a video of you and your friends using the Trove chatterbox...just tag @TroveAustralia on Facebook and Twitter.