Accessing your Partner dashboard

The Trove Partner dashboard is only available to Trove Partners that are members of Trove Collaborative Services.

To access the dashboard for your organisation:

  • Log in to Trove, view your user profile, and select the Partner tab. Select the link to "View Dashboard".
  • If you don't see a Partner tab when you log in, follow the steps under 'Setting up a dashboard for your organisation' below.

If you still can't get access to your Partner dashboard, contact Trove Partner Support.

Setting up a dashboard for your organisation

You will need an active Trove account.

Once you have this account, request access to the Trove Partner dashboard.

Note: if someone from your organisation has already set up a Partner dashboard, please ask them for the details before submitting another form.

Setting up a Trove account

A Trove account allows you to log in to the Trove website.

It is not the same as a Trove Collaborative Services membership or an ALG or ILRS entry. If you haven't created one already, you can sign up for a Trove account here.