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Trove brings together millions of records for physical books, journals, magazines and gazettes held in libraries and collections across Australia, but it also has ever-growing digital collections that are full-text and free to access at home.

Find out what's good reading in just a few of the categories in Trove:

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Trove has a great collection of historical books that have been digitised and can be read at home. It is also a great place to find current Australian eBooks. Whilst many commercial titles are in copyright, so can’t be accessed from home, Trove does have an ever-growing collection of eBooks that the publishers and authors have kindly provided open access to. To find more commercial eBook titles, we'd recommend signing up for a library card at your local or state or territory library.

Finding eBooks

Search for titles or subjects using the search bar and selecting 'Books and Libraries'. Use the 'Advanced search' to limit Access to 'Free Access', range for date of publication, and subject areas of interest. Find out more at Books and Libraries help.

Our eBook reading recommendations

Magazines and newsletters

Trove has a great collection of digitised historical periodicals, as well as an ever-growing collection of contemporary digital serials that are free to access online. Trove's vast offerings of online Australian magazines, journals and newsletters are perfect for exploring a hobby, research passion or casual interest.

How to find digitised magazines and newsletters

Type in your keyword of interest into the search bar on the Trove homepage and select the 'Magazines and Newsletters' category. You can use the 'Advanced Search' to narrow your search and to select 'Free access' in the 'Access' option.

Find out more at Magazines and Newsletters help.

How to find contemporary digital magazines, journals and newsletters

'Born-digital' serials can be found in the 'Books and Libraries' category. Type your keyword of interest into the search bar on the Trove homepage and select 'Books and Libraries'. Use the Advanced Search to select 'Journal or magazine article' under Format and limit to 'free access'.

Find out more at Magazines and Newsletters help.

Magazine and newsletter recommendations

Here are some recommendations to give you an idea of the breadth of topics. No interest is too niche!

Newspapers and gazettes

Many Trove users will know about its flagship digitised Australian newspapers collection. Predominantly dating from the earliest printed newspapers to 1955 (with some very notable exceptions) these out-of-copyright newspapers are free to access from home and are key-word searchable.

How to search newspapers and gazettes

Type your keyword (such as an area of interest, place or name) into the search bar on the Trove homepage and select 'Newspapers and Gazettes'. Use 'Advanced search' to narrow your results further by selecting options on the right side of the screen. Try the Newspapers and Gazettes browser for more casual exploring and find out more at Newspapers and Gazettes help.

Take it to the next level and become a Voluntrove

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Not all heroes wear capes. If you're craving a new hobby and would like to make a meaningful contribution to Australia's memory, there is no easier way than to enhance the historical record in Trove.

There are many ways to add your knowledge, organise research, improve Trove's metadata and share discoveries with others. Create lists, add notes, add tags, text-correct newspapers, add article categories or get your photos into Trove. Find out more at Become a Voluntrove.