Who we are

Trove is a result of the collaborative effort of a host of different organisations, communities and individuals who work with the National Library to help make Australian content easier to find, share and use. We are:
• librarians
• cultural institutions
• community organisations
•  researchers
• educators
• volunteers
• book lovers
• art enthusiasts
• history buffs
• data wizards

Our Trove Partners

The National Library works with large and small organisations around Australia to digitise content, bring Australian content together, and provide a single access point to Australian library collections made available through Trove.

Hundreds of organisations across Australia are working collaboratively to shape Trove’s digital services and contribute to the depth and richness of content.

Want to know more? Visit our Partners page to see a list of Trove Partners or to find out how your organisation can become a Partner.

Our Community

Trove’s community—made up of people and organisations of all shapes and sizes—is at the heart of everything we do.

Thousands of individuals and organisations have contributed to Trove through a range of activities, such as text-correction, adding tags, and creating lists.

Find out how you can contribute by visiting Join the Trove Community.

Trove Strategic Advisory Committee

The Trove Strategic Advisory Committee (TSAC) is the principal body through which the National Library (NLA) seeks strategic input from Trove Partners.

The Committee is made up of elected and appointed representatives to ensure equitable representation across the broad spectrum of Trove Partner organisations.

You can find out more about the Committee and its role by visiting Trove Strategic Advisory Committee.