Bulk download

When researching you want all the material in front of you. Trove allows you to download all of your search results in one go, taking away the need to download each edition – a huge time saver!

Get access

You will need to make sure you have a Trove account and once logged in, have applied for a Trove API access key. By using any Trove API functionality, including bulk download, you agree to the Trove API Terms of Use.

How to bulk download

Once you are logged in and have an API key, conduct your search as normal. Note that you will need to select a Trove category, as you are only able to download results from one category at a time.

At the top right of the list of results you will see a button to ‘Download results’.

You will be given a form to complete for you to name your download, and the option to add a description.

Trove will notify you that your download is queued and awaiting completion. The more results you have to download, the longer the download will take to complete.

To keep track of the download progress, select ‘Downloads’ in your Trove account profile.

When your download is complete you will receive a notification email at your email address that is registered with your Trove account.

Your file will be available in your Trove account profile. Bulk downloaded files will be automatically deleted seven days after they are created, so make sure to save it of you need it longer than this period.

Note that you may only have a maximum of 10 downloads at a time.

Bulk download contents

You will receive a csv file with comprehensive metadata of each record and an abstract of the content.

The total number of records downloaded may vary from your search results as the underlying data may change before the download has finished.

Search result downloads are limited to 1,000,000 records.

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