Known IT issues

On this page you can find out more about functionality issues the Trove technical team is investigating that are not working as expected. Workarounds are given if available and once a fix for the issue is included in a Trove system update, we’ll remove it from this list. 

If you find something in Trove is not working as you'd expect and can’t see it mentioned here, contact Trove Support.

What is/isn't a known IT issue

Not every issue being investigated will be listed – Trove has regular system updates addressing low-impact issues, improving infrastructure or adding functionality for internal staff. Generally speaking, known IT issues:

  • Have been consistently logged by Trove visitors as an issue with Trove Support;
  • Can be reliably reproduced by the Trove technical team; and
  • Are currently being investigated for a potential fix or workaround.

Requests for new features and improvements are always welcome but the focus of this page is existing functionality.

Site-wide or partial outages of Trove will also not be reported here. Please see any alert banners on the Trove site, or our social media for information on planned and unplanned downtime.

Current known IT issues

Trove login timeout – newspapers delivery

  • Additional information: When a login session times out in Trove discovery (search & search results), user is not also automatically logged out from newspapers delivery/text correction. 
  • Workaround: To continue using Trove discovery (search & search results) as a registered Trove user, log in to your Trove account from the Trove home page.