Collection features

Partners can use collection features to curate and showcase collections on Trove around a theme. Collection features provide a way for audiences to browse curated collections and do not replicate Trove searches which are goal-oriented tasks.

It’s easy to do. You determine the criteria for selecting content for your collection. Trove then provides a collection-specific search and interactive visualisations to help the public explore your collection.

Create a collection feature

Complete the following steps:

  • Check out some recent collection features on Trove
  • Contact Trove Partner Support with your ideas. We prefer a minimum of six weeks’ notice
  • Provide us your list: Identify your National Union Catalogue (NUC) symbol OR add a unique and consistent public tag to your selected items in Trove, or a combination of both
  • Draft a title: max 10 words and/or subtitle: max 20 words
  • Draft ‘About’ text: around 300 words is preferred
  • Include a link to your organisation or a research project website
  • Suggest other related collections or pages on Trove to link to, if you like
  • Select and a feature image: appears in the banner at the top of the promotional item and on Trove landing pages or homepage. Make sure it is landscape. It will be cropped to 741 x 554 so needs to be larger than this. The feature image may also be used to promote the post in our Trove Treasures enewsletter and via the TroveAustralia social media channels, so make sure the image has copyright conditions that permit this
  • Receive a URL from us to promote on your website. Download the Trove Partner logo to use when promoting. See co-branding.