Events and news

Partners can also promote their own events or news items through Trove. Events can be online or at your physical location. News items can be used to promote all sorts of short announcements. You could use this channel to share new digitised content or records you have in Trove, efforts your community has made to digitise a collection, or a quick user story or video you may have produced.

Create an event or news item

Complete the following steps:

  • Check out some recent Events and News on Trove.
  • Contact Trove Partner Support with your upcoming event or news item.
  • Draft a title: max 10 words and/or subtitle: max 20 words.
  • Draft text: about 150-300 words is preferred.
  • Provide the date, time and location (physical or online).
  • Provide a link to the online event or website for registration. The Trove event will not contain a direct link to booking or payment sites.
  • Select a feature image: this appears in the banner at the top of the item and on Trove landing pages or homepage. Landscape orientation is preferred. It will be cropped to 741 x 554 so needs to be this size or larger. It may also be used to promote the post in our Trove Treasures eNews and Trove social media channels, so make sure the image has copyright conditions that permit this.