Trove Strategic Advisory Committee

The Trove Strategic Advisory Committee (TSAC) is the principal body through which the National Library (NLA) seeks strategic input from Trove Partners.

The Committee is central to ensuring Trove meets the needs of both contributing organisations and the broader Australian community. Specifically, TSAC works with the National Library to:

  • Help shape strategic decision making
  • Represent the view of Trove Partners
  • Assist in evaluating and prioritising existing and new services.

More information about the make-up and role of TSAC can be found in the Trove Strategic Advisory Committee (TSAC) Terms of Reference.

Committee membership

The Committee comprises elected and appointed representatives to ensure equitable representation across the broad spectrum of Trove Partner organisations:

  • Three elected representatives from smaller organisations
  • Three elected representatives from larger organisations
  • Up to four representatives appointed by the Director-General of the Library

Committee members are elected and appointed for three year terms and may serve a maximum of three terms.

Elections were held in November 2019 and elected members will service a term of three years.