Cultural sensitivity

As part of the redesign of Trove in 2020, we implemented new measures to ensure the cultural safety of First Australians using Trove.

Specifically, with your help, we can flag material that may be culturally sensitive for First Australians.

Why include this information in your records?

Trove and the National Library of Australia are committed to acknowledgement of and reconciliation with First Australian peoples. We encourage Trove Partners to join us in our mission to improve cultural safety and enrich the experience of all our users.

How to flag records as culturally sensitive

For a Dublin core record, enter this information into the rights field, as follows:

<rights>Culturally sensitive</rights>

For a MARC record, enter this information into the 540 $a field, as follows:

  • 540$a field contains "Culturally sensitive".

If you are not sure how to flag culturally sensitive material in your collection, please contact Trove Partner Support.