Promote your organisation

Trove loves to promote its partners. Harness Trove’s huge audience to promote your unique organisation, collections, programs and content.

What can I promote?

Events, exhibitions, learning programs, new content digitised in Trove and blogs about your collections in Trove.

All ideas are most welcome.

Promotional channels

Find the best channel for your different promotional ideas:

  • collection features to curate and showcase collections on Trove around a theme. Your logo will feature on these pages
  • blog posts to share engaging stories about your organisation, collections, programs, user experiences and more
  • event listings on Trove to promote your Trove-related programs
  • news items to announce your content in Trove
  • Trove trivia to highlight quirky or significant moments in Australian history.


Trove may then share your promotional content:

  • on the Trove website landing pages and, at times, the homepage
  • in the Trove Treasures enewsletter direct to the Trove audience
  • via the @TroveAustralia social media accounts.

Cross-promotion and co-branding

The Trove Partner community is a collective of over 900 collecting organisations and this provides fantastic opportunities for cross-promotion and co-branding:

  • tag @TroveAustralia in your social media posts, and Trove can share your content
  • provide information and a link to your online events, programs or promotional content on your own organisation’s website and we can post as an event or news item on the Trove website
  • create a Trove collection feature or blog post and we will provide you a link to share on your organisation’s website
  • co-brand your promotional content by including the Trove Partner logo.


Often multiple organisations contribute to Trove’s digitisation and aggregation projects. The names of these organisations appear as text, for example, when looking at a newspaper you can see who contributed on the main title page as well as on the bottom left of the page – highlighted in blue. Text clearly reflects the contribution made and the where the original material is kept:

  • Funding for digitisation contributed by
  • Material for digitisation contributed by
  • Original item held by
  • Digitisation assistance contributed by
  • Copyright permission contributed by

Trove Partner logos will appear on collection features and blog posts. If several Trove Partners are involved in a project the logos will appear in alphabetical order and up to 5 logos can be included.

What do I need to do?

Intrigued? It's easy for Partners to get started:

  1. Get in touch with Trove Partner Support using our contact form, briefly outlining what you would like to promote and the channel/s you are interested in
  2. We will get back to you to discuss your proposal and the most suitable channel/s
  3. Submit your draft promotional content. See the content guidelines for your selected channel: blog posts, collection features, events and news, trove trivia
  4. We will edit your content and seek your approval before publishing on Trove
  5. Market your published content and Trove will too. Make sure you refer to co-branding