Promote your organisation

Reach a wider audience by promoting your organisation and its collections through Trove.

There are a number of ways we can highlight the contributions of our Partners, and we encourage you to take the opportunity to promote your organisation, collections and content.


Co-branding offers Partners the following benefits:

  • You can include your organisation’s logo on any content you write for the Trove website.
  • You can use the Trove Partners logo on your own website and marketing material to promote your affiliation with Trove.

Collection Features

Partners can use Collection Features to curate and showcase collections on Trove around a theme, such as an event or exhibition.

It’s easy to do - you determine the criteria for selecting content for your collection and decide how you want to present it. Trove then provides a collection-specific search and/or interactive visualisations to help the public explore your collection.

We can promote your Collection Feature on Trove and via social media, and give you a URL to link to from your own website.

Visit the Partner Learning Hub to find out more.

Blog posts and events

You will see many blog posts and events featuring Partners on Trove. Like Collection Features, you can use blog posts to explore a topic, theme, or idea in your collection. 

You can also promote your own events (e.g. exhibition, learning webinar) through Trove.

If you would like to promote your organisation on Trove, please contact Partner Support. We would love to hear from you!