Adding images

Over 400,000 images are already enriching Trove. These images – photographs and scans - present a rich array of Australian culture: from festivals, historical photos and cityscapes, to our people, our built environment and landscapes. 

You can add your images to Trove via Flickr to help build the record of Australian life.  

Add images to Trove via Flickr

Images are harvested from Flickr and loaded into Trove three times a day. At this stage, Trove does not offer other options for individuals wishing to share images.

  1. Go to the Flickr website.
  2. Login to your Flickr account, or sign up to create an account. Note: To activate your Flickr account, you will need to load at least five photos. 
  3. Go to the Trove: Australia in Pictures group. 
  4. Read the Group DescriptionGroup Rules and Additional Info about contributing to Trove, including information on captions, tags and licences.
  5. Follow the instructions to join the group.
  6. To upload your images to Flickr, open your photostream or album.
  7. In each photo that you wish to add, select the + icon (located at the bottom right corner of each photo) to bring up the Add to menu.
  8. Select the Groups tab. The Trove: Australia in Pictures group should appear as an option.
  9. Select the Trove: Australia in Pictures group. Note: If you have flagged your photos to be hidden from public searches, your photos won’t appear in Trove.

Limits on free accounts in Flickr

Flickr has a limit of 1,000 images or videos per free account. In February 2019, all free accounts with more than 1,000 photos or images had content deleted by Flickr, beginning with the oldest content. Images deleted from Flickr no longer appear in Trove. 

If you are concerned that images you added to the Trove: Australia in Pictures group before 2019 have been deleted because of the account limits, you can check this in Flickr. 

Charitable non-profit organisation accounts

The limit policy does not affect Flickr Pro account holders. Flickr advised that charitable non-profit organisations can request access to a Flickr Pro account here.

There are other options for organisations who would like share collections with Trove. Contact Us for more information.

Flickr groups operated by Trove 

Trove has operated several Flickr groups over the years, including groups originally set up by Picture Australia. 

All images in the group Re-Picture Australia were acquired by the National Library of Australia in 2010. Selected images in Picture Australia: Our Town and the current group Trove: Australia in Pictures have been acquired by organisations through direct arrangements with individual photographers. These images are held in the permanent collections of these organisations and continue to appear in Trove.