What do you do with the results from your Trove search? Not only do you find a wealth of information to choose from, but Trove also has many features to help you navigate and interact with the item/s you select.

What is in a search results list

What you search for in Trove may exist in various formats and editions. So when you search, you will get a list of matching search results. Each result in the list is an item or a work.

What is a work?

A work is a group of items with the same title. For example, the book Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe is published in an illustrated edition and an audio book edition. These editions are grouped together under a work for Dark Emu in the Books and Libraries category in Trove.

Works are not limited to books. Articles, maps, and others items may also be grouped by work. Grouping items into works means Trove’s search results are not cluttered with many different results for the same title.

Select from the search results list

    You will get different results depending on what you select: a work, a record, or an item.


    Example of a work
    Example of a work

    A work has information about the title editions and certain options to interact with it, depending on the circumstances of its items:

    • Title and author/creator/contributor - includes details of how many editions are in the work
    • First Australians Message Stick icon First Australians - Features item/s with First Australians content
    • Link to digitised item - Some items may be digitised and available for viewing/listening online. Select the button describing how to access it (eg. Read, Listen, View). Select a holding organisation to go to their site and view their options for accessing the item. If the item opens in a Trove viewer/player, see the Using the Trove viewers and player section below for information on how to use it
    • Borrow - Locate physical items to borrow from the holding library or organisation
    • Order copies and buy items - Some items may have digital and/or physical copies available for order. Select the button describing the options (eg. Buy, Get, Order)
    • Author/creator/contributor information and title summary - You may be able to select the author/creator/contributor for more information
    • First Australians Message Stick icon Report culturally sensitive content - Link to a form to report culturally sensitive content in the work that relates to First Australians
    • Find out more on this topic - Tags with keyword/s related to the initial search. Select a tag to start a new Trove search. You can also add a tag to this work
    • Lists - Trove lists that feature your search keyword/s. Login to your Trove account to add this work to your own list
    • Work notes - Notes added to this work. You can also add a work note
    • All editions of this work - Select from a list of editions included under the work title from collections in various libraries and organisations. You can filter the list by type, date, edition etc by selecting from the available drop-down menus. When you select an edition, you will be taken to its individual Trove record. See Trove records for information on their features and options
    Example of list of editions in a work
    Example of a list of editions in a work


    A Trove record has information about the item and certain options to interact with it, depending on its circumstances. See Trove records for information.


    When you select a digitised item, you may be directed straight to it instead of a work or record. The item may appear in a Trove viewer or player with features designed to help you navigate and interact with the item.

    For example, below is a list of search results containing digitised newspaper articles:

    Example of digitised items in a search results list

    When an article is selected, it will directly open in a Trove newspaper viewer:

    Example of newspaper viewer

    Using the Trove viewers and player

    A Trove viewer can help you magnify or print digitised visual content, download a copy or even correct newspaper text. A Trove audio player can help you play certain sections of an audio track, view transcripts or download audio.

    For more information on the viewer/player you are using, select from the list below: