Our logo

Trove unlocks Australian history, for everyone, for free.

Our wordmark uses a stylised “O” to resemble a keyhole, combined with two simple underlines, that represents the collaboration between the National Library of Australia and our Partners.

Partners can use the logos without seeking permission however for all other uses please contact our Media unit.

Trove logos are available for download below.

Please note:

  • All logos are in .svg format
  • All logos have transparent backgrounds. Please contact Trove Support if you need to generate a particular background colour.


Positive colour logo (01)

Our primary logo is full-color on a Primary White background.

Trove positive colour logo(01)

  Download Positive colour logo for use on Primary White background

Reverse colour logo (02)

Use our reversed colour logos over a Primary Green or Primary Deep Purple background.

Reverse Colour Logo (02) Green Background

  Download Reverse colour logo for use on Primary Green background

Greyscale logo (03)

Our greyscale logo is the preferred single-colour version over a Primary Black or Primary White background when tonal printing is possible, e.g. newspaper.

Greyscale Logo (03) Grey White

  Download Greyscale logo for use on Primary Black background

Greyscale Logo (03) Grey Black

   Download Greyscale logo for use on Primary White background

Monotone logo (04)

If tonal reproduction is not possible, logos are available in monotone format over a Primary Black or Primary White background.

Monotone Logo (04) White

  Download Monotone logo for use on Primary Black background

Monotone Logo (04) Black

  Download Monotone logo for use on Primary White background

Trove logo placement

The placement of our logo is at the top left, top middle or bottom left of all brand material.

Trove logo placement

Clear space
Maintaining an appropriate amount of clear space around our logo creates a positive impression and impact.

Therefore, a minimum amount of clear space must always surround the Trove logo, in order to separate it from other elements such as headlines, text, or imagery.

The clear-space area is equal to the cap height of the Trove “O” and is proportional to the size of the logo being used.

Clear space

Minimum size
Careful consideration should be given when determining the size of the Trove logo. If it is too small, it will be illegible.

Ensure that a minimum width of 15mm or 57px is applied.

Minimum size

Note: The Trove logo will rarely appear on collateral by itself. Please refer to our co-branding placement page for more information.

Logo misuse

To maintain the integrity and clarity of our brand, the Trove logo must only be used in its original format and colours.

Here are some examples of what would be considered misuse of the Trove logo.

Always use the master artwork files when reproducing our logo.

Examples of misuse of Trove logo

A Trove FAVICON may only be used on digital applications following the approval from the Trove communication team.