Laurie Atkinson

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Laurie Atkinson

Director, Law Library of Victoria and Supreme Court Librarian

Law Library of Victoria

Laurie Atkinson was appointed in 2014 to establish the Law Library of Victoria, a continuation and expansion of Victoria’s Supreme Court Library. Prior to the Law Library, Laurie established the Victorian Government Library Service which combined Victoria’s government research libraries into a unified service accessible to all Victorian public servants, with a focus on digital resource management and services. Earlier in her career, Laurie has worked in academic and public libraries, and in various consultancies including to the State Library of NSW with regard to standards for digitising local history collections.

My leadership is grounded in my internalised attitudes, and develops through self-reflection, kindness, and humility. I have strong research and analytical skills which, along with my curiosity and enjoyment of talking with people and seeking their views combines to create excellent innovation and solution-focussed strategic planning.I am seeking a further term serving on TSAC so that I may continue to advocate from the perspective of specialist libraries, and for all library services, that necessary changes to infrastructure and services meet the requirements of Australian libraries. The future of Trove is bright, and I’m honoured to play a small role in preserving its solid foundation while exploring opportunities for growth