When a user wants to buy an item in Trove, they can click through to sellers who have a copy available for immediate purchase. This might be a participating online bookshop, a library’s document supply service or an online subscription journal service. 

Participating online bookshops are searched behind the scenes by Trove by ISBN or author/title. If the online store has the item available for sale, a link to that store appears under the 'Buy' tab.

Any Australian bookshops that have the item are shown first, followed by International bookshops.

There are bookshops whose systems aren’t searchable by Trove but may still have the item available for purchase. You can find these under 'these bookshops' at the bottom of the Buy tab.

Become a participating online bookshop

  1. Download, complete, and save the Bookshop Deep Linking Details document to your local hard drive. This information will be used by Trove to run a live search of your website and determine if the item is currently available.
  2. Fill in the online Link your Book Shop form. After you click submit, you will be prompted to attach your completed Bookshop Deep Linking Details document. Click ‘Browse’, choose the completed document, click ‘Open’ and then click ‘Upload File’.

The Trove team will make some behind the scenes changes to link to your bookshop. We’ll provide you with a link to our test system for you to review. Once you’re happy with the display, your bookshop will be made available in the next Trove release.

Making changes to your bookshop website

When making changes to your website, it can also have an impact on the way Trove links to it.

The best way to tell if your connection is still working is to try and find an item you have in Trove. Click on the ‘Buy’ tab – if your bookshop is listed you do not need to notify Trove of the changes. If you can't find your bookshop in the usual spot, please contact Trove Support.