Anna Raunik

TSAC Anna Raunik

Anna Raunik

Executive Director, Content and Client Services

State Library of Queensland

Anna Raunik's career at State Library Queensland has enabled a range of career opportunities from working on enhanced state-wide services to public libraries, to digital transformation activities and collection management and discovery.  As the Executive Director, Content and Client Services she is responsible for the implementation of the State Library's Content Strategy, the appropriate management including storage of collections and improving description, discovery and delivery of collections. 

For over 10 years, Anna has been actively involved in collaborative initiatives with National and State Libraries Australasia including a key leadership role in the development of National edeposit. As a member of ALIA she has contributed to a range of activities including membership of programing committee for Information Online conference. Her work was recognised by VALA in 2020 with the Williamson Award. 

Her term as member of Trove Strategic Advisory Committee during a complex period of change in the past three years has enabled an increased understanding of the issues and opportunities of this national service.

I would like to be a member of TSAC because Trove is a treasure. A treasure that requires considered planning to ensure it meets the needs of all Australians including contributors. Trove Strategic Advisory Committee provides the opportunity for a range of partners to learn and understand the ongoing pressures and opportunities of the service and to represent the broad sector that contributes to its success. Ongoing support for Trove is important from partners to ensure that it will continue to provide the required services for future generations.