Blog posts

Partners can write Trove blog posts to share short, engaging stories about your organisation, collections, programs, user experiences and more.

Create a blog post

Complete the following steps:

  • Check out some recent Blog posts on Trove
  • Contact Trove Partner Support with your ideas
  • Draft the blog post: around 600–800 words is preferred
  • Keep a friendly, clear tone. Avoid jargon or overly technical terms where possible
  • Draft a title: max 10 words and/or subtitle: max 20 words
  • Use subheadings to give a visual break between multiple paragraphs
  • Let us know how you will be credited in the post: with your name/organisation, or you can add a profile picture and/or short bio with a link to your organisation’s website
  • Select a feature image: appears in the banner at the top of the promotional item and on Trove landing pages or homepage. Make sure it is landscape. It will be cropped to 741 x 554 so needs to be larger than this. The feature image may also be used to promote the post in our Trove Treasures enews and Trove social media channels, so make sure the image has copyright conditions that permit this
  • Choose another 2-3 other images for use throughout the post, depending on length. Keep each image to about 500mb. They can be portrait or landscape format and tiff, png or jpegs are fine
  • Provide your organisation’s logo, see co-branding guidelines
  • Receive a URL from us to promote on your website. Download the Trove Partner logo to use when promoting. See co-branding.