Cataloguing tools

Trove Partners can catalogue directly onto the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) using the Cataloguing Client or Web Cataloguing.

Cataloguing Client

The Cataloguing Client is windows-based software that is installed on your computer and enables you to catalogue directly onto the ANBD. Records flow automatically from the ANBD to Trove.

The Cataloguing Client is for people familiar with cataloguing processes and the MARC format. It is suitable for more experienced cataloguers.

If you or your staff have little or no cataloguing experience or catalogue infrequently, consider using Web Cataloguing.

Web Cataloguing

Web Cataloguing uses a form, accessed via Libraries Australia Search, to catalogue directly onto the ANBD. The webform automatically translates the details you enter into a brief MARC record. Again, records flow automatically from the ANBD to Trove.

The Web Cataloguing form is useful for libraries that catalogue infrequently or have staff with limited cataloguing experience or are unfamiliar with MARC.

For more information about using the Cataloguing Client and Web Cataloguing, visit the Partner Learning Hubor contact Trove Partner Support.