Newspaper viewer

Use the newspaper viewer to navigate digitised newspapers and gazettes, correct text transcriptions, add tags and notes to articles, add articles to lists, and download or order copies of digitised collections held at the National Library of Australia.

Viewer controls

The viewer controls enable zoom, rotation and navigation. They are located on the left and right sides of the viewer.

  Reset zoom: Reset the zoom level to the original size

Zoom in   or out   : Zoom in and out of the page

Rotate right    or left   : Rotate the page 90 degrees

  Maximise viewer size: View the page in full screen mode. Select again to return to viewer mode

Panning (moving the page around the screen):

  • Click and hold anywhere on the page to drag it around
  • Double-click on the page to centre on that point and zoom in
  • Use the navigator in the bottom right corner of the viewer by dragging the yellow box around on the page

Re-size and hide the Article text pane:

  • Select the dividing bar between the text pane and the article viewer, and drag the bar to the desired width
  • Hide the text pane by selecting the Article text button  in the side bar. Select the button again to access the text pane

Use the sidebar to find information on what you are viewing, and options to access it. The sidebar is located on the left hand side of the page.

  Article text 

Read the electronically translated text for the article. This can be edited by selecting the   Match text  button.

Learn more about text correcting


Get information about the item you are viewing, such as title, issue and other bibliographic details to use in a citation.

Learn more about citing sources found on Trove


View or add a tag - a short descriptive term that you can easily associate with the article. Tags are useful in marking out names or events using common terminology.

Learn more about tags


See which lists this article or page appears in, or add the article or page to a list. Note: to add to or view your private lists you must be logged in to Trove.

Learn more about lists


View or add notes relating to the article that provides additional context. Notes can also be used to highlight issues with the text or suggestions for further research.

Learn more about notes


View the original and additional categories for the article and add additional categories.

Learn more about adding categories


Download digital copies in available formats. Check copyright status.

Learn more about downloading


Order a copy of the image. You can order standard or higher resolution images. All copy orders are referred to the National Library of Australia’s Copies Direct service. If an item is in copyright you may require permission from the copyright holder to obtain a copy.

Learn more about getting copies


Print a copy of the page or article.

Learn more about printing

  Toggle Layout 

Change the display location of the sidebar information pane from the left column to a row at the bottom of the screen.

Using the viewer

Browse newspapers and gazettes using the following features in the viewer:


Breadcrumb trail

Screenshot of breadcrumb trail in newspaper article viewer

Select Browse or the title link to open the browse panel.

Select the date, page number or article title to see browsing options, and to browse forward or backward.


View all articles on a page

Go to the Transcript panel on the left hand side of the viewer.

From the row of buttons along the top of the panel, select the    button:

Screenshot of "View all articles on this page" button in Newspaper viewer

You can browse the whole page, with all available articles listed in the Transcript panel. Select a title to view the article.


Next / Previous articles

Browse articles using the Left and Right Arrow    buttons. This will take you to the previous or next article in publication order:

Next and Previous article selection buttons in Newspaper viewer


Multi-page articles

Some articles will be printed across two or more pages. 

While the article is selected, select the Article text  button on the Sidebar to view text for all pages in the article text column.

Thumbnail images of all the pages are shown at the bottom left of the article viewer. Select a thumbnail to view the page.



Images in an article will appear in the article text column as the following icon:   

These include photographs, illustrations, drawings, graphs and cartoons.

Select this icon to highlight the image in the article text column.

    Poor quality articles 

    Newspaper and gazettes in Trove are often digitised from a microfilm copy, rather than the original printed pages, and reflect the quality of the microfilm.

    It is not technically feasible to replace poor quality pages, even when it is possible to find a better quality copy of the original. 

    Page numbering 

    Page numbers in Trove indicate the order that the pages appear in the newspaper rather than the printed page number.

    This means that the page number in the viewer will be different from the printed page number, especially in cases such as:

    • A second edition or supplement with separate page numbering has been included within the sequence of the newspaper
    • The use of non-standard numbering for the newspaper e.g. page 4a

    Browse newspapers and gazettes

    If you want to browse digitised newspapers and gazettes and don't have any particular keyword to start with, go to Browse Newspapers and Gazettes and browse by:

    • Titles - Select an alphabetical link to browse titles beginning with that letter. Note: Titles may vary depending on when they were published
    • Place - Place of publication. Select an Australian state, National or International
    • Date - Date of publications. Select a year, month and/or day
    • Category - Type of content (such as advertising, family notices, legislation). You can then also browse by Place, Title and Date
    • All newspaper & gazette titles - An alphabetical list of titles and the dates of their publication. Note: Titles may vary depending on when they were published