Digitisation services

The National Library of Australia is a leader in digitising and innovative online delivery of Australian heritage for all Australians. Hundreds of partners have already participated in our digitisation program and contributed content to Trove. Preserve the content important to your organisation and digitise with us.


Preserve your content


Reach a national audience


Give content new life


We digitise in a standard format which supports long-term preservation and ongoing access.



Digitised content is made available through Trove. Trove averages 60,000 users per day and brings together thousands of Australian resources from hundreds of Trove Partners.



Digitised newspapers, journals and books are text-searchable. Digitised content can be enriched by subject tagging and text correction. 

Promote your content


Get end-to-end support


Enjoy discounted Partner rates


Digitised content can be promoted through a collection feature, blog post or news item on Trove.



The National Library has extensive experience in digitising a diverse range of collections. We can manage your project through the whole digitisation life cycle.



Trove Partners receive a 20% discount on the normal rate of our digitisation program. Our digitisation services are also available to non-Partners.


Find out more by checking out our Digitisation terms and conditions and Digitisation process.

Contact Partner Support if you are interested in digitising with us.