Adding collections to Trove

There are many ways collections can appear in Trove. Collections can be large or small, from a library catalogue, museum database or other source. It’s easy to share your content with Trove. 

Options to add your collection to Trove include:


You can partner with the National Library of Australia to digitise your collection, and have the resources display in Trove.

Sharing your records with us

As a member of Trove Collaborative Services, you can contribute records to Trove in a number of ways:

Automatic uploads

We can arrange to upload your collection records to Trove, and make regular checks for updates. You'll need to have your collection in a system we can work with - read more about the technical requirements for this method.

Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)

If you are a member of Trove Collaborative Services, you can:

  • Add records one by one into the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD), or
  • Upload batches of your library's MARC records from your local system onto the ANBD.

Online collection management systems

If your technology is not suitable for an automatic upload as described above, you have a few options:

  • You can join one of the state-based online collections hubs who partner with us (Victorian Collections or Collections WA), or
  • You can use eHive to manage your online collection and share it with us.

If your organisation is not already a member of Trove Collaborative Services, find out more about becoming a Partner, or contact Partner Support for more information.