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Coming soon

Details of items currently being digitised,  including newspapers, magazines, images, manuscripts and more, can be viewed on the Coming soon page. This list is regularly updated, so keep checking back for all the latest information. When a digitisation project has been completed, it will be removed from this list.

To see all newspaper and gazettes titles previously digitised in Trove - including the date range we have available - see our Newspapers and Gazettes about page. This page is also accessible via the Newspapers & Gazettes browser on the Explore landing page in Trove.

New images, maps, archives, and more  

Besides our eNews, we also highlight new items and collections on the Trove homepage and landing pages - Explore, Categories, Community, Research and First Australians. We're always updating what's here, so check back often.

Details of Trove Partners who contribute to Trove can be found on our Partners list page, if you'd like to browse their collections. You can also focus your searches in Trove to find only items from selected organisations - by using the Organisations field in Advanced Search. More information can be found on our advanced search help page.

Finding out when a particular item will be digitised

One of the Trove team's most frequently asked questions is "When will my local newspaper be available in Trove?". If you've checked out the links above, and can't see the item in Trove or on one of our "coming soon" lists, you can also:

  • Contact your State Library to see if the item is on a priority list for digitisation. Most State Libraries set a list each financial year, according to the funds available, strategic goals for their collection, and the availability of source material to digitise.
  • Consider whether you, or an organisation you're part of, could start a digitisation project with Trove to make the item available. For more information, including how to get a quote for a proposed project, see our Digitisation section.

Have fun exploring and staying in the know about Trove.