Password reset for Trove accounts

Trove accounts - reset your password after 15 April, 2021

**If you have been redirected here from the Login or Sign Up pages on Trove, it's because those pages are currently unavailable. See below for details**

What’s happening 

Trove is moving all user accounts to a new login system on Thursday, 15 April, 2021. This move will not change how you search, browse or use Trove, or any part of Trove’s design. 

You’ll need to reset your password the next time you log in. 


  • Wednesday, 14 April, approx. 9am AEST: From this time until the move is complete, you won’t be able to create a new Trove account. You will still be able to log in to your existing account, search Trove, and text correct. 
  • Thursday, 15 April, approx. 9am – 12pm AEST: During this time, you won’t be able to log in to your Trove account - all accounts will be automatically logged out just before the move. You will still be able to search, browse and read on Trove. There will be a notification banner on Trove pages advising that login is unavailable. 
  • Thursday, 15 April, approx. 12pm AEST: When the move is complete, the notification banner will be removed from Trove, the login screen will be available again and we will also post a notice on Trove's Twitter and Facebook pages.

When you next log in to your Trove account after this time, you will need to reset your password

How to reset your password on or after April 15 

  1. Go to Login on the top right corner of Trove pages. 
  2. Select the Forgot/Reset password link on the next screen. 
  3. Enter your username and click the Reset Password button to have a password reset link emailed to you. You may also have to pass a short CAPTCHA test. 
  4. Follow the prompts in the email to reset your password. Your new password must be at least 14 characters long – we recommend using a short sentence, or four words you can remember easily. 

If you try to enter your username and old password after April 15, you won’t be able to log in and will see reminder text on the screen about the need to reset your password. 

Forgot your username? 

To re-set your password, we will ask for your username, not your email address. This is because you can create multiple accounts in Trove with the same email address. 

  • Your username is what you use to login to your Trove account, along with your password. Your username is also displayed in the top right corner of Trove pages when you're logged in. 
  • After the move to the new login system on 15 April, if you can’t remember your username, you will have to contact Trove Support at for assistance. 

If you received an email from us about the Trove account move, it will have been addressed to at least one of your usernames in the first line of the email text. 

Multiple usernames 

Some people have more than one username for a single email address. If you want to keep using multiple accounts, you will need to reset the password for each username/email address combination.

Not getting a password reset email?

After entering your username on the Reset Password screen, we'll send instructions to the email account associated with that username. If you don't receive an email from us within about 15 minutes, please check:

  • You entered your username on the Reset Password screen, not your email address.
  • You typed in your username correctly.
  • If you have more than one email address, you checked the email address your Trove account is associated with.
  • The email has not gone to your spam/junk mail folder.
  • Your inbox is not full and you are still able to receive incoming email.

Checked all of the above and still don't have an email from us? Contact the Trove Support team, so they can investigate further.

About password length

Since July last year, new Trove account holders have been asked to create a password at least 14 characters long. With the full move to the new login system, all accounts will now need to comply with this standard.

Trove is a service funded by the Australian Government, so we comply with government recommendations for online security. Current advice recommends that secure passwords are:

  • long
  • complex (containing a mix of letters, numbers, symbols and case)
  • changed frequently
  • preferably all of the above

We've chosen to just specify that passwords be longer. 14 characters includes spaces between words, so we recommend a short sentence, or a few random words. Examples like "sam uses trove", "star delicious" or "crab gets tree" meets the minimum length.