Creating collection features

As a Trove Partner, you can use Collection Features to showcase your collection around a theme, an exhibition or an event.

You nominate the criteria for selecting content and how you want to present it.

How do I create a Collection Feature?

The first step is to contact Trove Partner Support and let us know what you’d like to feature in your collection. Items can be identified using National Union Catalogue (NUC) symbols and/or Trove tags.

You can also tell us about your plans for promoting the collection, and who is the best contact at your organisation for further discussion.

What happens next?

We’ll get back to you with a plan which includes the likely timeframe for promoting your Collection Feature on Trove.

You then provide us with the content for the Collection Feature. We may need to get in touch with you to discuss specifics as we build your Collection Feature.

Publishing and promoting your Collection Feature

When we have finished building your Collection Feature, we will provide you with a unique URL where you can view it. Once you are happy with it, we will promote your Collection Feature on the Trove website and/or social media channels.

You can also promote your Collection Feature on your organisation's website using its unique URL and applying our Trove co-branding guidelines. We hope that you will also promote your Collection Feature to your community!

Should I build a Collection Feature or write a blog post?

Collection Features provide a way for the Trove audience to search and explore works within a curated collection. Blog posts are more text-based and may explore fewer items in greater depth.

If you have a story to tell about your collection on Trove, we recommend that you write a blog post for Trove. If you would like others to explore your collection on Trove to create their own stories, why not create a Trove Collection Feature like this?