Full view

The Full view displays all available information about the item, including the list of libraries who hold the item. When the record is from the ANBD or LA Authorities the term on which you searched is highlighted in bold and red.

From the Full view of a single record, you can select it to save, download, email and print the bibliographic information or to compare with other records for identifying duplicates. If your account is registered for the Record Export Service you will also have access to export records. If your account is registered for cataloguing you will also have access to edit holdings for your library. This screen also provides links to copyright status and automatically generated citations.

Get this Item provides you with options to assist you to obtain an item, either by borrowing it from your library, from another library or by getting a copy of it from a library or library supplier.

If you wish to print, email and download multiple records, return to the search results screen and select the check boxes.

Please note: When you print, email or download a number of selected records, note that the records are not automatically saved. If you wish to also save the records, make sure you use the "Save" button on the results page.

The different components of the record are labelled in the Full view record, - eg Record ID (the unique database number for the record), Author, Title, Published, Description, Dewey Number, Subjects, Language, - to assist you in interpreting all the information about the item.

To find other works with the same author click on the author’s name and you will be presented with other works by that author, listed in brief format.

To look at other works on the same subject click on the subject heading, and you will be presented with a list of other works on that subject, listed in brief format.

To find out more about any of the libraries who hold item select the ALG info link and you will be taken to that library’s entry in the Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) database or the ILRS to be taken to their details in the Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing Directory (ILRS).

To access the library’s catalogue select the library name in the holdings table.

To navigate to other records form the search results using the arrow buttons in the top right hand corner.