Trove Preview - under construction

What we're still working on and how to find help

While exploring upgraded Trove, you may notice parts that aren’t finished yet. This is because the site is still under construction, ahead of the launch in June 2020. Here’s what to look forward to, plus how to get help if you need it. 

What we’re still working on 

  • Advanced search will appear on more pages in Trove after launch and be more visible. There will also be new guide text to assist when choosing certain filters and some changes to the design.
  • Screen size responsiveness for viewing Trove on smaller screens like mobile phones and tablet computers. 
  • Help and information pages on Trove, including the menus, are still not 100% completed. Some require updated information on all the new features. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity warnings have been added to new Trove, but more features are still in development. This includes options to blur certain thumbnail images and a form to let us know about items that should be considered culturally sensitive. 
  • A First Australians collections icon will be added to Trove, to make it easier to identify items created by or about First Australians.  
  • The Partners page is being redeveloped using feedback we received during the Trove Private Beta. Changes to the look and function of this page won’t be completed until the June launch. 
  • Item records will also have smaller headings and less white spacing so they can be read with less scrolling. The coloured blocks for records without preview images will also have design changes so it is clear they are placeholders and not clickable links. 
  • Collection Features will have the options to see data visualisations about the collections and explore further.  
  • Trove Accounts will be fully functional, with enhanced privacy settings, greater functionality for browsing and filtering your lists, tags and notes, and the ability to create new accounts and delete accounts you no longer wish to use.  

Where to find help 

If you have a question about the Public Preview, or something isn't working as you’d expect: 

  1. Check the list to see if the feature is still under construction.
  2. Read the overview of what’s changed in new Trove to see if the change is covered there. 
  3. Still have questions about how to use the site? Contact us – fill out the form and let us know what’s happening.

The link to contact us above is the best way to get in touch directly with the Trove team. Questions on our Facebook page and Twitter feed may be missed and we can’t guarantee a timely response.