Major Digitisation of Defence Service Newspapers

Coming soon to Trove
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The Australian Department of Defence is undertaking a major project to digitise its history and contemporary story as captured in its Defence Service Newspapers, and make them available to all in Trove.

Spanning from the 1940s to today, the publications cover the Australian navy, army and air force. The newspapers have long been – and still are – distributed to all serving Defence members.

Current issues are also made available online via the Defence newspapers website for serving personnel – particularly those deployed overseas – their families, former Australian Defence Force members and anyone with an interest in Defence.

Tim Asher from the Defence News Bureau said,

"These publications are key assets of Defence’s history and Defence seeks to ensure they are preserved and made available to the public to access for research and general interest purposes, now and into the future."

Titles covered by the project

Air Force News (National: 1941)
RAAF News (National: 1960 – 1997)
Air Force News (National: 1997 – 2021)
Air Force News (National: 2017 – present)
Australian Army (National: 1959 – 1980)
Army (National: 1980 – 2021)
Army (National: 2017 – present)
Army Magazine (National: 1989 – 2002)
Royal Australian Navy News (National: 1958 – 2021)
Navy News (National: 2017 – present)

The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, so watch this space! We will provide links to the final newspapers in Trove once they become available.