First Australian books

Celebrating Stories, Languages and Cultures

September 7 was Indigenous Literacy Day and this year we are celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ Stories, Languages and Cultures. 

In celebration and to highlight the rich collection of books relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Trove we’ve published a First Australian Books collection feature

Find First Australian books 

Explore the huge – and ever growing – collection of books that have been catalogued as relevant to First Australian peoples by Trove Partner organisations across Australia. 

Use the search tab to access some digitised and out-of-copyright books online, as well as some contemporary ebooks where the publishers have generously permitted free access. For other titles, use Trove’s ‘borrow’ feature and find where you can read or borrow them in a local library near you. 

And use the explore tab to find books in First languages, by geographical region, date range, subject, format or as tagged by Voluntroves.

Submit your own stories 

Did you know that you can also submit your own published and self-published works to be added to Trove? Who knows, it might even make its way into one of our collection features! 

With National edeposit (NED), digital copies of Australian published works can be submitted online. Your creation is part of our living national heritage and this will ensure it is preserved for the community and future generations.  

Australian published works include books, journals, magazines, music, pamphlets, newsletters, novels, children’s stories, self-published poetry anthologies, maps, government reports and more. 

It also increases the reach of your work through discovery services including Google, Trove and national, state and territory library catalogues. You’re in complete control of this too. With NED, you set the conditions for access and reuse of your edeposit ranging from open use through to restricted to onsite access at your State or Territory Library and the National Library.

Submit your publication through NED