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J ? ~ ' THE OPEXrva OF T»K ELECTRIC . TELEGRAPH. Alt? r.iv-h tlie ibnns of thrf old Ira -litionnrr M efj uha'p», s.)Mii-tbiiie of their -~pi- ir. still 3ur viv-., m-inif stina it-elf m.d-r uewfurmi. The farM at n*t»r?, *hieli m-n !i-;--l to ineiinrite nu\ clrifr, »;?» «'ill n.-t ve, .mil still nighty in their «nhmi«iT.'rr!-atu-Mof ihp WiH — wiuit they fjr merly wor'h'piiptl us H'.iporna1 p -wers Ilil.i.nn coimiuT'e«ilJi ?' ' D.-no'i9 tJiat nr^ found, Li Tire, nir, fl.) m\, w nnd-r t.rouDil, \VHo»i- power haih « tru* coim-nt, ?Williplniji o.- with *l«niKiit,' h ive ik.» n»ni»d in oiu- diy. It is a* lm-y«3 evor. Wi-lnve iiwwW cliimjcd 'he nom.nnla. tnrenrth-d.iiiH.iii, mid ilesicmtc Iheni bv the Inviiclior iTi'beN r.f in i^ni-ti'TO, e'o tri.-itv, lnn-'

fi.rth. rtV Iirtj oin- ivizircN, to i ; but we put Ili.-m I.) n liPiirr'iKii tli.m biirnine or .Irniyni.ig : '.in.ili'iiv/ tlio n iiivler tlni nainei of Stpphcimon, llnini-1, Mnr-c nnd Kni-adoy Our in mi,- mirror ii Ihesotisiiive,;! .8^ of Da^uerr^; our loccnotiyo in diok rWr. linn thnt ' WonlroiH horf» of bmss, -Oi whi.-b ths Tortur kinu .1M ride ;' tho lircit ISmt.ern i-i our' lhinj island,' .iivl tho ring of dy^es or IVim-o All's masie. tube nro connnoup'nco bv com piris-n Kith tho m-'itient niru jyliicli i enoimn .min» Mm vrorfd and hy whnio aid we inhabiiiint.i of the ' far West' urn now onnblo-l to a iinmuuicuto our th .ughts nnd wishes to our friend* nnd re'«tivea dinp.Tsc.1 ever tho who!.! A mnro aiip''opriato pe.ison for the inmiiurn tion in Iho \V0 tern Distr'u-ts of thi-i won. lions invention e ?nil not. Imve biwn mil^e.'ed, mid miiny n plensnnt Chi-ifltmm iiicsbii(j6 did tho Kl.'etr'c Tcjograpli carry nn it-i my*t-rioui 'ings b-twwn thin nlni-o nnd tho metropolis oij 'I'hurHcViy the 20th ultimo, when communication was fi tt'es tnhhMird, sliin- which timotl.n «iro hna been' in constant r.'q'i«ition, and iho 'Uico ha- boon nrowdml with «n nlmoat unbroken nuccH.-'aion of Qurioua spectators, pud iiersons dcsii'nufl of trmsmittins in^siees. Tho Sjilimi/ Mnrnhig Herald of S third y lost iv.-8iiti..l the. novel f-nture of n t.'lo'rnm from Bulliurst, worded an follow*: — [Ry Et.Rr.Tnip Tri-KonAPH.] [fltOM ODlt OVVV OOItRKSPOXDESTS.] 1JATIIUKSI1. Vridnv. 8 p.m.

XrfR eTCQitoniPnt, nrnnRioned in this town hy the opening of tho telogmph still enntinucs. The teloffrnrih oflie«wni crowded nil day 'y persons s'ndi'iir mt'S-i i[?P9, nnd tho promptness with Tvhirh the replies wero rpevired lo.s giv.-n great sat Mint ion. r.nsinoss during t.lm woekjus b-fn dull. Pri ees remnin the s-nne. !is lust work, with tlifi ixcon tion of wlionf, which it now quoted nt Gi. GJ, to 7s. fid. iw l.n«iiel. AVenther fine. Ab.nit lialf-iMX-t 12 o'diek vestoi-d.iv Ihe. conimii

Tiiration Imt.voon this plneo nnd tin' moirnpois w.i« ininiT'iiiicd hv a storm on tho Monnfui'*, wh'i h hid the elR-et of dprnnciii!; tho plecjriq current for n eiiisidernbln time. Wo perceive th.tM. P-rr.-t, nf Mri. Bu-.isford'j eslnblish mont in Willinni-«treot, bus nlruadv nvnile.1 himself hint whieli i vo Ilinxir oiit hi our lust is^uo relative In Mm oreeti..n of n tiino-bnll, inoounection with tho 'IVk-arnph Olli-e. M. PoTet dnily o'ltiiin tho unrrent time from Svdnev nt 1 n'nloiik p.m. bv Mo^, which is fiispl-.yod nt. Mr- I).insfor 1's shop for tbo con venience of Iho public. We tako lliia oppor tunity o-feTprsssinj our sonso of tho obli-in' eondiiol of tho ofllcia'a ftttachea to the Telo.-ranli DITiot, whoso patii-nec must hnvn heon sor.ily triod hy the enquiiios of tho lnir.y visito.- , not. a f.Mv of ihoiu of tho cnntler s'sx, who hayo thronged tho Offico dui'iin; the lnit few ij:irs. w