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On Thursday the nominations for the Le dslstive Council were received id tb'e'.four listriets.' In all 2S: candidates are before' the -et-ule for election to 18 seats. 'Since' 11J57,

Kiieu south Australia was nrat grantea constitutional government, there has' been no selection of the whole of 'the members Df the Upper Chamber and for. the present generation the -voting on May 3 wfllin this fonneetion be. unique.' For the Central Dis trict, to which the old Assembly division of East Torrehs lias been added,' the six retirinj.' members arc standing, and, in ad dition, the Labour Party- and the Opposi tion are each running another man.' Three iither names appear in the list below, mak ing in all 11 seekers for the suffrages of the metropolitan area. The retirement of Sir I Edwin Smith and Mr. A. W. Sandforil from the Southern District was expected to allow the four members seeking re-election a walkover, but Mr. J. J. O'Malley and now Mr. Cornish enter the arena. Until the returning officer of the North- Eastern District attended at his office on Thursday few people knew that there would be any opposition, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Willcox having left the way clear, for Messrs. Dun can. Warren, Lucas; and Pascoe. A tifth candidate appears in the person of Mr. M't chel), of Kadina. From the first it was re cognised that the ? electors of the Northern District would have to choose from six old members, the place vacated by Mr. Ten nant being filled by Mr. Lewis,. CENTRAL DISTRICT. Six members required. Chief polling place, Adelaide. Henry Adams, Park street, Bowdenon the-Hill, pattern-maker. George Brookman, Edwin terrace, Gilber ton, financier. Robert Storrie Guthrie, Mead street, Port. Adelaide, seaniat. Andrew Alexander Kirkpatrick, Ann street. Stepney, printer. Beaumont Arnold Monlden, Cambridge street, College Park, solicitor. John Langdon Parsons, Bridge street, Kensington, commercial agent. William Alfred Robinson, Kent terrace, Norwood, coach trimmer. Gustave Adolph Schultze, Tynte street, North Adelaide, grocer. Henry William 'mompson, Hall 6treet, Semaphore, ship-chandler. Joseph Vardon, Victoria avenue, Unley Park, printer. George Albert Wyld, Mackinnon parade, North Adelaide, out of business.