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rni.-cr--:?. 17 ;..»!-. Im-.i! »f'. T'iir.n-. 3 s-'.al=. I Sli-i. - soil-. i,_.u (...iWwond. nil. ^ ] . r. -.iiAi)i;. N ::tilA-if:-;J:-,-7 g.-..--. Ii' il W . -t T.imtv l| 'ht'si llii:.!mar-li '.,.-.,i rnivor-i:-. — J l'n-:.-it. 1 !:-:a-. T.,ir,i^ v. li.-.n A.iu!:-in::n-h i-r.-rp.;:.rd | A. 'JiJADIL j Ciull. i\ \V. L. 'a^L P. i .s:a,: ? ?- J! 1 Hi '--; '^1 l.'! ? Ii ?'* 2 Ji'- -? 20 : i;iM T-.rri-in .. -- Ii -- 4 ^ ::i; 3(;: C-iud-vo-Hi ? 12 -: ': --; ?- '- ' .V..rtn Adibid- .. 1C .'. 7 7.'. -iS HI1 West Toi-n-n- .. .. !i 2 !-. ::! '.« 4: J'ori A']c:ai.!i- ..12 -- ii '-» 17- ~ ' It GRADE. j Goa:« i eiulj. P. XV. D. L. for. agst. P. Vi. ilin-Jnurdi 11 H ?- ?? l'« '-* M ' lj-t T...n:.i i:: -.) '2 2 '.:;-??. -'-1 20 S-.3!X .... It II 1 * Ml ?'' !3 ' Dcul Aduii ..I:: 7 2 * :-7 «il 1«.] -'. .'.di-'aide . U -l 1 7 w K IS I University .11 3 — U -''2 1«5 «' Goodwood .. !-: - — 11 x* 1Wl -; W. To/rras .. H 1 — 3S 2i 129 2. A line gjme took jiijee at the Cnlrv OvjI. when ! .*-;tiit i;i::-ed ilu' iii-eiiiifi'ship i» !'''r kefmng , Siy -.-..muk h ao.ii to nil apair.-t Ijotuhvaod. Al- I t'fiouxh tli- winners po-«-- f ! «nd»:iiab!e claims for top lmnouis a ivverac would iuvp Mfiougy j(lor-..iidi-i1i! Iheir chauro-. njoodwoixl have ;l sood -idi-, and their jiet :.i:'inanci-- luvt often Imkii ?jnili? noter.oitliv. »- iuji tile psif atlrat-teJ j» appraul.l? attondam-e. Tin- lujiiir were:— i Stun— T llorton. ptilinid-ir; It. I- K-iymond, point- N' Tonkin, -w«; It. V.-iodUea.i. lliiid wji,: F. L I'.:.--™,--. \:t -irfenee: C. A. M. West, riglll -lefrro*: I.. McU-ayT Atlit; !!. McU-ay. l.-ft attack; I'.. Sieltli. ;isiit ariai-k: .-. CinW/ins rliir.l home; W. Clajion. se. ond, V. P. Selih. 6r--i liomo. Gomlwoad— MoKerzie. eoal tender; J. Thumprcn. point : I- J.iulou, cover; A. Clayiois. third man; Pierce, left defence; A. ; TnnkinJ :i-iii de'eiKo: A-liton. f-entre; R. McLean. ?-ft attack; I.. Marshaii. riptit attack: I.. Bab- 1 lusc tliir.l hiimi--, K. Hc-aly, ^i-onl liome; O. | iiavei. -Srst lioinc. ] Tiie ffliitest began witli n ?-tun. rush, and the home -ride- predominated iu iln- opening tlagc. Usodn-ood's defence »ss Eac, and scorinc i was diflinult to accornpli^i. Srun notched 2 troals in this period, and up ihe .-hance of ends both sides played viRoroydy. At times clever lacro-se wa- contiibuted by both tcims Tonkin and Linton being conspicuous for Uoodiroad, with Ka«inon-i. liorcon, Wnodhead, sr.d M.-Lcav fisurinV prominently for Sturt. The keen deicn.e aV both en.L- rtill prevailed. a:id repeated attacks were repulsed. V. Selth sco.-ed a li.ic s°al ior sJtuil, tbe only poiat secured during this quarter. Aucr the Ions inienal a Goo.hvoori rufii wa- checked, and the home side returned to tlie attack. Fine Mick work «i each tide and well-judged intcrccptinc ( marked tile progress of the thiid term. Stun | inanoouvred more f-ucces''ial!y and raised their -mre to 6—0 at the final i-hange-cver. McLean, Tjie'mp-on, Ilcalv, and Tonkin displaced fine form for UkoJuooJ 'while the whole of the Stun defending- division, aided by V. Seltii and B. Mi-I.cay. --oulribuied --plendid sen-ice. | Tiic 'final Ijoiit wa- more eveii, and Goodwood j regi-tered tcveral tiireattninjr attack-. The | o|-po--nc back line stemmed the tide, and otv-a- j -ionallv' fine da-hes were frartrated in brilliant | time. ' The final scores were S— 0, in favour of ; Sru.-t. and in --onsequence they have secured the 1921 premiership. Tiie record of the winners is magnificent, and Jhj- niarhs the Mjrentli premier -hip in succe— iv« rears and the twelfth in 17 sea-o:is «;e-.-c the club's inception. The most prominent on t'uo winning eide in to-day* mau-h were:— norion -in goall. Ray mond, X. Tonkin. Woovlhead. Pardons. McLeay. and V. Scitli. On the Goodwood side the best peiformers were A. Tonkin, Linton, Clayton. \-'iton. Pieir-e. Healy. and McLean. Sturt's jjoal- were thrown by V. Seiih io). Raymond (2), anil K. Seltii. 'Mr. Simper refcieed. XOKTU BEAT 1'OET. Tiie above teaass met at the iJirgs Kesorve, \ and, a- anticipated, Xcnh Adelaide seemed a j victory, &e margin being 10—3. Tiw fii-t quar- ) ie- wa-^fairli- even and concluded 2 — 1. in favour of Xoith. The visiting *ide severed the detente iu the second iemi and increased their advibtage to 0— i. Tiie tiiini quarter proride'l good defence wori, both sides shov.insr up art vaiirsgccu-lv iii tji- «ection. At lemons the tallies were' 7—2. North pressed forward jn the rtiij! i»i-io-I and ran nut winners by 10—3. Tiie goal-^f-nrers were: — Nortii Adelaide — Suther- land '-') Bereaoid (:'.). Hamilton (2), Bowen -'» Port \delaide— Williams (11. Rors (1), lit-Keiwie tll- Tue ^t player for tlic winners were Sutherland. Kitsbn (infoal). Brock, and llamillon. I'orfs uio^L ccujpitaoas were Kestle, ^'u^mcnsiTY VANQUISH WEST TOUBENS. .This na:ili was played on iiic University Oval. ,-llid resulted in an easy win for the students by 17 goals to 3. The play was not so uneven as t!ic scorc= indu-atc, aUiiongli the students -JcmonvJwl«l Jbcir sapeiiorily tlnougliout. In rhe fiirt ikm the latter e-ial-1--hs.l a command ins l«»d of ti — 0. and thereafter the ToiTens ride were called upon lo offer u r.oiit resistance in the defendins section. At half-time ihe J .-rore had advanced (o --l. AgJin in the third ; quarter 'Varsitr ovcirari ilieir opponents . J»'i ? increa^d their' advantage io 1'— 2. The la-t -tawc wa- quieter, with the j.lay alternating 1 in 'advantage. The result was easily in tiie j hands of University, and they flni-lied -with the sond score ot 17-^3. Th= w-miciV goals wevc Sirown by flonlmi (0), Fi-u=r («1, narpravc -2). ^ Formbv (2). Howanl It. W*-t T.iitcik goals j v.cre gsined bv Edse CJl and Mundjy (1). ' B WRADK. 1 North A-Maide .leieated W«?=l Tonen= by 27; coals to I. CoalthrowCTs.— Winner-— Brocken C;), Kul-- -«) V'heel-v (i). I).- Bimcrworth (S). K. Butrrrworth and X. Hutt.-™x-rtli Cac-h 2-. Km rtti and Murcisy (each 11. knotked in 1. West Torrent— Phillip'- l^st Player--.— North A*-!a;.-le — Wesi and Bo.ikett. Losers— Siiaw, Phillips, B CRADE PREMIERSHIP. Early in 7h* season ir w.-.c apparent that' V\e-t Hin-lnursli would be hard to brat, and then] .w-a-on Iitis lieen marked by tic d:st:nciion of an. ui'iuterruptrd series of surce?=e*. On two or ihrec . oc-asions t!uy have re'tive.1 seriou* oppo-ition. and gonorallv -peakins the opposing side* d:d not fullv extend' the Ilindmardt team. rndeJeated, rJiev claim ihi- y-~-'* « iSrade premier.Jiip. Kwind i-laec is filled l-y ICast Tcnen?, with Ptnrt Ivinp third and Doaf Adnlt fourth. AiioRMhcr, tiic- pa-t -»ason Iia* «-itne«se-I a decided improre- 1 inenr in 'tiii's p-idi-. an.l is «ir future will iw j larsciy innuencoi! bv iln- i.vpe and i.rojrrcs* o. . the iiiwnr-day ji-.iiior. it !-r.-ii:= thai we may j have evsrv tonfid-n-v ;n the future. DEPABTITSE OF UXIVlJUSnT TEAM. Th-^ Adc-laid.- *Var-ity reprc-eiitatives left he io-niphfs train for Melbourne for iheir inat/h with Melbonnii' University. A large Gathering pive them .-i Ivany seu-i-off. Ihe association Ikiiw repre-ente.i by il;- :.eiinz wretary -C. A. M. We-t) and 15. (-tur«i. ! j CONCLli'IM: H0I.ND »F REASON'. I As arraneed al tlie ann-jjl g:nerai mf-et inp; ( nl tho a=-«K-iaiioiJ. iiie -tmi-Bii.1^ and hnal of) the p-i-1 -*a.-ans hjv; bern di-pei.^d with, and j an eliminaiinz tonnd will !-e rondutred i;i-tead. I Tiir iaanis tjkinp pm will be ail of in* A; --;.-a.i» -i.V-« eicerting Port Ad.-i.iidc an.', the i Jcii'In' tivo 15 -i' romhinitions. It i- be-} lieved that a mitable trophy wili T-5 awarded) to tae w:nn --r- of the - ompctilion. An additional ? noint of interc-t 'iii 1»- derived from :iie oppor tanitv of ..-»imr i!-.- ica.l-jiir I- Gr.idf-rs int acion a';il:n-t n-nior n.-aiii'; ?