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RAGING NOTES FIXTCRES. MARCIf. ? i 24— Arjrossan T.C. 27— A.R.C. feTMMER MEETING. j 31-Pon piric E.C. APRIL. j 5-OXKAPARTXGA R.C., I^mrj AX., and Kadiai and Wai^roo J.C. 10-S.A. TATTERSAIiLS CLCB. 37-^POKT ADJiLAIDE BACING CLUB. 24-GAWLEH JOCKEY CLUB. Weights for the A.R.C. fistuie to be lield next Saturday are due on Monday. Acceptances and general eotries for the Oakbank nieptius must be made before 3' o'clock on Thursday next. Tlic Eve Oiass inaV-a tyebroiv has been ' returned to her owner. | Uioptry nas been transferred to P. Tim-! mep' stable at (ilenelg. i ?S. Rover iias taken in Land at Victoria Park a four-year-old fall broiler to lie ?steeplechaser Devron. X. Krosdalii, trainer of Dimitol. bad a narronr escape from serious injury on Wednesday. Tie Pistol iiorse las.'ied out and landed bis iscof on Krogdaai's fore head, inflk-tkis a nasty gash, wliicji neces sitated several siit-3ies. The two-ycar-o!ds Ausiral Malt and Miss Anton have been sent feck to their owners. In their place Reid has taken in hand Sid Burn (by Simon^ Frisio — Nancy, an imported mare 'by Hastings from i\Tine veh). Sid Burn has been turned out for some time, having been gelded in the meantime.

Acceptances for tbe Hurdle Race, Ouka paringa Cup, HSls Railway Stakes. Great Eastern Steeplechase, and Oakbank Wel ter, and entries for tbe Trial Stakes and Amateur Steeplechase, to be run at the Onkaparinga Meeting on Easter Monday, are due at 3 o'clock on Thursday next. P. McCarthy wiU leave for Sydney on Tuesday to take over charge of Pistolarie. On the -ioE owing Tuesday J. Gardiner, who has been engaged to do some of the riding for Sir Anthony Hordera, iviil take his departure. K. Bracken has accepted a retainer from Mr. H. R. Deuison for a year. In addition to Tracer}- and' The Panther, sold recently for £53,000 and 15,000- gs. respectively, to go to the Argentine, other high-priced English purchases of the past for 'that country included Diamond Jubi lee £31.500, Graganour £30,000, Cyilene £25.000, Polar Star 18,000 gs., and Pieter maritzburg £15,750. Weights for the A.E.C. Summer Meet ing will be declared on Monday, and ac ceptances are due on Tuesday with the secretary, before 4 pjn. Owners and trainers ane reminded that nominations for the principal events at the A.R.C. Birthday Meetng are due on Tuesday next with the secretary at Ade-| laide before 4 p.m., or at Considine'a

Agency, Bourk.-; Street, ^leibourne. before i 0 p.m. 'I'Uc races requiring attention ai-e: ; — Ciiy Handicap. 700 sovs., 7 furlongs; , Birthday l.'up, 1,500 tovs.. 11 miles: Alder-, man Cup, 430 sovs.. 1£ milc.5. Nominal onsj oae sow each. i The Toff vi'A br o(To-r-d for -:;i'e ai tlii? I Jokn Bu!! r-aJe Vards- -y.i Tuesday. ^ ; MuUajrari-ab.rsn . ii;s last; race totLy Ho i-ei-cived a lieary fa!! in the Stecjjlo . ? i sr-. :i!!u as i-'i« lioi^o sfemt.i in a lad way lh-i scnioe.s of Ifr. K. A. Miller «??« to:ight. He discovered that 'Multawavrali had Iwkcn ilio Soaiur Ijono, Wi'liich i- tV.o largest in the horn's l;j-d.i. and a» tlioic was no chance of f.irjn:; him he o:derpd him to l)f- destroyed. 3ft:ttawarraSi 'wap i)y liquiforiH, and was a fair performer ia thf coiiEtry. Cbr.tsolacs captured -his !ir=t rate in Australia to-day. wi:cn iie took tlic Ilaiiway Handicap. seven rnr Jorigs, at Eoseh;'!]. and hi' prcs pects f.-r the lJoncastct* Handicap, an event 'for iv';i,-li ho lias heo-n ilie poiiii^ar j)ick Tor soaii1 i':mc b-pi-.' enhanced. Oaic jier's -jn]d linislipd :n t':e riitlc Anot!i?r 1io:se i.i jain nirtiier -jisi:n-tion was Arti'leryjiian. iviio added the Rawsoa Stakes to his lormidaLie !;sl. Ceiijrjc ended nj) third i- him, :md i;. -rojid an pe:rr' thai ii \js-r~a:no'^ sukawinnin? record :s to b? siiipasssd Arti Ueiyaian will be tiie iior^-p w do i;. ffc -vii! ;-art a ijo; favour:;? :.-r the Sydney Cup. Tne »«;--dney crack Poitrvl ivas ]ircdn.:c-3 in the Rose'hil Handl«ap. and his mc-?iins with Aru.iloi-.vaiau wi'.l \-c ivaiched vr.'Jh a de-grea of interest. T.ic Comedy Kinj.' co't iviil be severely ie.^ted. l*oi;:-el won very easily to-day 'wi'Ji 9.12. and carved the eleven furlongs out- in 2.20J, arhich is a course reeonl, the previous be^t having been VVeal Moiocgrs 2.20?.. Look In. ivinner -»:' 'i-se Pjtaaalonai Stakes 10-day, was bred by Mr. T. C. Tiit at OatJands. Siie is by I'a^sin? Bv from T:nfo!ia. jy Aryan from Tiufoil, by* Neck eis_?at- La^t season Tin folia iva» .served by j .%!?. Spa^a. Look Mi c.irrics me colours of I Messrs. Vann i Anibl'-r. who did so well 1 Tilt? WYIk-ju horse Cosmos. The second horse. I^ipiit Seal, was bred on i;-.e ! W'est Coast Ijy 7-Ir. tV. SchSnk, and is by j tlie American £ire Green Sfrai from Oioria T-igii, wl:io is by Tom Jfo ore from the ! dam c: nie A.R.C. -!raTid Xational win-, ner Deiejjtion. I The s^nsationa! dividend pjye:- Lord i ?Vau^ar fa aUac-hed :o .1. Lc^sue's stabje. I He is a siz-ycar-cld. by the Xen-haven j horse ^Xangir, and was bred by Mr. A. J. j £kiu;raton ill \ itr'-oria. I-ord Vangav is1 out of Crisium. by dimmer frnm May Moon, by Medaliion. Lord Nangar has been an indifferent performer.

. JOCKEY J. GARDINER, Adelaide's champion lightweight, who will ride for Sir Samuel Hordern at the Sydney Cup Meeting.

. JOCKEY J. GARDINER, Adelaide's champion lightweight, who will ride for Sir Samuel Hordern at the Sydney Cup Meeting.