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UCBQSStL ^BEJOEKSHIP WON BT STCBT. X fiturt and I'niTersity met on the Norwood. Onl. in the presenceof * large Bomber at ftxm of the sport thia afternooo. A* it waal in,-, matcbn of- this ? dttcriptioa, 'the {8ay#ra ~ At . tbe start soffered from oreraftnety. and exhibited to» much faocker. Sturt were first to get goinfc and Flett passed beautifully to KoaTat. «* scored a lovely -oal from erer the left shoulder. The play then became dean, fast, and -open, asd all orer the field. 'Vntitr made a hot attack,. cleverly fmetnted by Pinch, whose long reach, enabled him to. -intercept a pas from Godfrey. Moffat and Waestaif bad a great battle. The «turrite secured and passed to Flett* who served Hill, and No. 2 went rn, the result of a nice, shot. Mitchell, with a capital demonstration of coolness, scored their third, and ftart were in a nir* nnmtinn 'Tavottr »B&»-J¥d imflble

to make eood use of the rubber in the forward lines, and serefal fine chances were not availed of. ..cwtos shone by a fine run, but the robber 4-ent back again, aad Healy, by a neat shot, opened the stodente* tally. ' Taarie worked hard, and successfully fed ; tlie hovMs, without any ?coring eventuating. The Starts nude a great rush, and Moffat bad a. shot, which Yirill saved. The?' continued - -attadaoK, but found Renaie.' Abbott, and Whitingtoo in tiptop form, and hard to pass. Eventua.il}' Noal beat VtrHl on the call of time. Scores:— Sturt, 4 goals; Uni versity, 1 goal. ? The players neit tnorftoghiy vound up now,' and :? fine Ucroese was the order of the day. Millhouse battled well, and seemed to posse* unusual . vim. ' The Starts' JtUMrfwc methods tvere eicmdintrly prrtrr. anA resulted in ano ther ' goal for the invincible VUK»t- Whitioe ton stopped another dash, and C. Abbot cleared the : goal at a trying time. Wicks was pre eminent for the double, blues, being all over the- field. He served to Moffat, ?who. with tjiree opponents on him, . scored, and Flett fol lowed suit immediately after with No. 7. The Starts were like one nun. absolute uneeuuh

oea; marked tac-ir efforts, and when the backs w»rc called upon they responded splendidly, rfae eighth goal was scored by Mitchell, who got right in unchecked, and TitiU had no chance at alL Up hte other end Godfrej- had a. shot, but Horton ? was reliable. Verco pot in good work without eupport. . The usual 8turt roah resulted ia JCtchcll shooting wide. Chelrew to the fore this time, but WagsUff secured, and daaUmr far goal pasced to Oodfrey, whose shot was checked. HaM-tinM:— Start, S goals; Cni refsity. 1 goal. The play had. been of a most one-sided nature, tODOgn toe Unley men were undoubtedly strong, and the students were much Delow par, it being hard to account for their poor showing. The third term was opened by a dash 'for the net by Godfrey, but nothing came of it. Start were soon attacking. ? .TOgstaff Tefacved the pressure for a time by dever.tactics, and Nigel Abbott, securing, augmented Use score. He iri.-d Again without success, and Sturt sent the ball well up. Bennie ' relieved, .but- for a mo ment only, and Mitchell scored with a soft ?hot. Eric Mans. appeared. prominently in the ftext more, 'a&d passed to Soil, from him to MoBat A double' figure went op for Sturt. Tonkin, who had. been' plating a fine game, passed to Vo&at, who gave'iatcheU a chance; which went astray. The 'Varsity players ap parently had -lost their dash; and were playing in a mediocre,, manner. Three-cuirter time: — Sturt, ID goals; -Cniversity, * goals. Start, broke right awav, and Mofiat 'scored i goal from an acute angle; which was a '.'hair-' raiser,' and fairly astounded clubmates and .op ponents, alike. . Xoal passed to Hill, and No.- 12. was recorded. A little while later Nigel Abbott anade good from . dose in. and jtare his side, much-rleeded ej«ouuie«uie»t, and IWaCBtaff, put tine nis Wright into the' effort, added their fonrtii. tjp-and-down play foOawea, a»l thta a goal from KtehelTs crosae-^- neatitoS: Mitchell stored another a minute -after;' -and a' little later added tbe fifteenOu Tb^.ics^xanie. as a complete .surprise, as. ' though Start were, favourites, it' was not anticipated r««t -#acB'a' complete defeat woold be - inflicted. . t%ial ?cores:— - . .--- ~-- -: ???.-. Sturtr-13 goals. ?.:??:? :X :? Cniversrry— 4 goat. -... -?-.-.--.-? Bat ptfyere-Koflat -5 eoals). ICtohell -6 fbek), TRcks. Horton . (in coal). Wneh, ?fewr bon. and Tonkin. Losers— 'Whitington. » ag- ?M . Taasie. Godfrey, nd T«io. S|f. #. FSsk had an easy task acreHeree B OttADE PSEeBBBSmP. . .,' .. «TORT B V. CNIVEBetTV.^, . , - Start P and Unirersitj- B -»« on Ae-.Korw»od OvaJ lor the. pla»-off match, Tarsitj- jjot «ting ♦middy;- an* Cairns ? and -Scott Scored two 'goals, ? a fflrrd ws* knocked in, ai«f*'VararB'Vn«r^ juce lead of three goals. Sturt -rtheked strong ly, and Ji Gordon passed the goalkeeper. Sent and West were defending for tbe dvible-blaes, who were unfortunate in having tc do wStbout Barton, their goalkeeper, for the first ten minutes, owing to an accident preventing bis ? JurinMn-iime-for the start Start :attaci*d. but' CTose relievea wel^ and **ward«d therdbber. Tararty fead aevenl :abota which werc.Tlopped W Barton. First ooartcnnrt-niTeraitr. 8 ,.«Toals Sturt, I goal. . . . j,'..'... - A quick pass? and lucas opened the second term with a goal to Start. The ban was faced «flf. ind ' O. Searle sent along pass, -which went strafest' into the art, aiH the scores 'were levelled. The -'—, now became sciting, and Lucas, assisted' by a lpcky break, scored .the fourth joint lor. tbe Cnley men.; Scott shot from close, in and mused the net; 'but ,W. Varlev eamo down ind

onre again the scores were 1eveL^Berinett'was stopping well. Good lacrosse was shown *lv both' sides. . Shierlan secured and » plaoal ht£' sMejn »e lead. Jack Cloee hsd .all tbe better of tae.aesj«4ri^ D. Pearpjc, ^3Eia I^Te tite sba bdnp'in especial -tisLtixri.' BobiflE to6^exefm^! commendable cbeckfiur and reliert&c,' and at Jast serred Smith, who passed to J. Gordon, and the' fc-U*.:WJ .levelled, S «1L fclftiSr scores^, Bbnt.^a tnals; -iwwsrsity B^i,goal^; xSSvWnHj take ptay marked the opening of the third term, ', T*^^^71 -™?31 fc*881^ and. caught well;' bat' fajlrt in goaisbooting. A dull period foUowed until -3nham 'Snilth cleverly passed to D. Searle who scored a rieat goal. Third- quarter— Stnrt b' f goals; rniventt?; B, S goals. L'ni*ersitv bj^n the last quarter width a smart goal bv ; McGee. I p and ..down pUr,; but Start attack*! I har£ and put them in the lead. 'Varsity iwiin drsw-.-ewn. Searie had a try; bat' he was weHI stoppeaw.' A good run down br W*D, and smart I work i-- -ICcGee-fVuf Taisity ahead, A bad -past i was knocked in bv 'Varsity's goalkeepet;: i] dose-in shot by Searif »ss wril stocpnL MeGe*. | with 3. long shot, scored. JAK-jts scored, but wa6 ?! 'no trolled.' ^-Hnal scores :— , ' Vniversity B, 10 goals: ' ' ' '' ' ' ! '.- Start B. 7 goals.' ?-? Beet plajiirs for 'Varsity-J. Close, who was earned in, \T. Varlpy. McGee. P. Bennett (in goal), Gault, and Cairns. For Sturt— Kent. West Lucas, Graham. Snutb,M-. Srarle. and J. tJbrdon. f GBADE TSESHKRSHIP. ^°rWm- j Holdfast. Bav drew with :Bort Adelaide, 10 1 EtwU each. '