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Weather conditions rodas*, although perhaps Flifclitly on the warm side, were ideal (or lacrosse. Final games in two grades— A' and C — were decided. The standard displayed was of the higlie?t an! enthusiasts enjoyed most intercftfng coatests.

Results were: — A GRA.DI: PREMIERSHIP. University (minor premiers) defeated North Adelaide, 5 goals to 2. C GRADE PREMIERSHIP. University (miaor' premiers) defeated Good wood, 5 goals to 3. B GRADE. Sturt defeated Peaf Adult, 9 goals to S. University defeated West Torrens, 7 goals to 3. East Torrens defeated North Adelaide, 6 2oals to 4. Port Adelaide forfeited to Wes± Hindmarab. How the Clubs Stand A GRADE— MINOR ROUND. ? Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. University .... 15 11 3 1 112 52 23 North Adelaide 13 S 4 3 £3 53 19 East Torrens .15 7 i 1 98 Sf 15 S}eaf Adult ..15 7 6 2 72 SI 11 Port Adelaide 15 5 10 — f.9 118 10 Sturt ? 15 4 11 — 62 87 S FINAL ROJND. University .... 2 2 — — 18 5 4 North Adelaide. 2 11—452 Deaf Adult .... 1— 1 — — 2 — East Torrens ..1 — 1 — 2 13 — B GRADE. Goodwood .... 35 14 1 — 192 29 28 Sturt ? 15 31 -4 — 127 33 22 W. Hindmarsh 15 1C 3 2 ISO 78 '.'2 University .... 15 3 4 2 102 61 20 iVest Tori-ens ..13 9 5 1 130 74 19 fiast Torrens . 15 5 10 — 41 1S3 10. Deaf Ault .... 15 4 11 — 58 163 S North Adelaide. 15 3 11 1 72 117 7 Port Adelaide . 16 — 16 — 6 150 — C GRADE— MINOR ROUND. University ... 12 S 4 — 98 62 16 Goodwood .... 12 7 4 1 100 tfl 15 North Adelaide 12 6 5 1 So 102 15 Sturt .. .. -.- U 2 10 — 43 191 4 ? C GRADE— FINAL. ROUND. University .... 2 2 — — 14 5 4 Goodwood .... 2 1 1 — 11 6 2 North Adelaide . 1 — 1 — 2 9 — Sturt ? 1 - 1 - * 8 ~ University Premiers

The final match of the 1924 season provided a fine exhibition tor onlookers. University, the season's minor premiers, were 'opposed to North Adelaide, and in a game, played in the finest or sportsmanslike spirit, ran out winners by 5 goals to 2. ' The first quarterwas most evenly contested. After a period of give-and-take play the ma roons scored from the stick of Steer. Just before the quarter ended University equalised. A. L*e, North's captain and goalkeeper, was in fine fettle ia goal, ind saved repeatedly. The North back line was holding the redoubt able 'Varsity home division, and allowing them few opportunities to score. On the other hauo. North Adelaide missed one or two easy chances to score in this quarter. The first term ended with the scores: — University— 1 goal. North Adelaide — 1 ^oal. The pace, which had been a cracker, was continued in the second quarter, first one side and then the other attacking. Boyce was playing a great same for the maroons. A player deserving of special mention in the rfudents' ranks was Joyner, wuo with great oash and judgment turnea maroon attacks time and again. Lee continued to sight the ball well and was repeatedly applauded for fine work in goal. Rule beat Johnson with, a bouncing phot and put Norths in front. Not' to be denied, the students came with added vigor and again equalises with a shot by Harbison. Reed had to leave the field in this quarter on account of a nasty injury to the nose. Muecke left the field to equalise. The North back line were gUing a fine exhibition of defensive play. Brock and tGordon were having gome, fine tussles, al though at times tbe tactics used were not according to the lacrosse oode. This applied to both of the players. No further scoring was recorded in this quarter, the tally be ing: —

university—'! goaia. North Adelaide— 2 goals. .JTho third quarter was a repetition of the fornierterms, both sides attacking in turn without success. Reed ana Muecke resumed at this stage. Tlie standard of play was fair, . North Adelaide missing chances to score through bad passing. The students were quicker on to the ball, and their pas sing had more life in it. Boyce and Ree9 were having a hard fight iPith honors slightly in favor of the North player. Fine work on the student forward line put the 'Varsity in front, Formby scoring: a beautiful goal. The quarter ended with the scores: — University — 3 goals. North Adelaide — 2 goais. The final quarter was ihe students. Play ing with fine dash and combination they added two goals to their score. All tbe North Adelaide attacks were nullified, Joyner and Harbison putting in fine work in defence. Dowiing and Parsons relieved the pressure on several occasions for Kortbs. With the exception of several determined attacks on the part of the maroons the 1924 premiers held possession and ran out winners with the scores: — University. 5 goals. North Adelaide. 2 goals. The goalthrowers for the winners -were — Harbison (2). Formby (2), and Rees; for the losers. Rule and Steer. Before commenting on the conspicuous players of the University team, the outstand ing exhibition of goalkeeping on the part of A. Lee must be mentioned. His form was perfect. Many old lafcrosse enthusiasts re ferred to it as the most finished exhibition of keeping they had witnessed for many a. day. The winners played a fine and evenly balanced side. Every man contributed his bit to the victory, and without question the better side won. In Joyner, University have the makings of a fing State back. Be was sure and quick on the ball and made prac tically no mistakes. A. Harbison also played well on the back line. Rees (attack), Formby, and Harbison were the pick of the attacking and home division. Muecke was effect ire at times, although his underhand method of shooting is on the dangerous side, and perhaps not as effective as the ortho dox manner. For the losers, in addition to Lee In goal, the whole of the fcack line played well. Dowiing, Brock (on Gordon), and Pa*sons wore kept very busy, and did remarkably well to keep the students down to goals. Boyee, in opposition to Eees, played well. Reet' (until injured) played a sterling game around the centre. Of the forward divi sion Steer was perhaps the pick. The Association premiership record for the senior grade of the South Australian La crosse Association is as folows: —

ASSOCIATION PREMIERSHIP RECORD A Grade Year. Premiers. Kuncers-up 1888— North Adelaide Adelaide 1S89— North Adelaide Adelaide 1S90— University Adelaide 1891 — University Iroquois 1SS2— Iroquois University 1 1S93— Iroquois University JS94— University North Adelaide 1S9U- University North Adelaide ISSe— University North Adelaide 18S7— North Adelaide University JR9S— University North Adelaide j 1899— Ircquois University j 1300 — Troquois University 1901 — Iroquois ? University 1902— University Sturt 19.V.— Sturt University JW4— Port Adelaide Sturt 1905— Sturt East Torrens 1306— Sturt North Adelaide l'M7— Sturt East Torrens isos— University North Adelaide 1909— North Adelaide East Torrcna 1910— North Adelaide Sturt 1911— Sturt University 1312— Sturt Port Adelaide 1913— Sturt University 1914— Sturt University 1915— Sturt East Torrens I9IC, 1917. 191S— No matches owing to war. 3919— Sturt East Torrens 1920-Sturt East Torrens 1321— Sturt East Torrens 1922— East Torrens Sturt 192S— University North Adelaide 1924— Unversity North Adelaide 'Varsity Annex C Premiership

The University C Grade team annexed the }jiemiersbi|- honors in their grade this after noon by defeating the Goodwood Club, after a close an-l exciting contest, by 5 goals to S. B GRADE University defeated West Torrens, tht score being 7 goal? to 3. The students played with great combination, their goals bein^r scored by Hayward (3), Pierce (2), Letcher and Schroeder. Batchelor, TamliD, anrl G. Edge scored for the losers. i Sturt improved their position by scoring a win over the Deaf Adult. The figures were 9 goals to -j. The winners' goals were s-ored by Bell (-T.I, Cook, McCormick, Davis, j and WicifF. Those to find tbe net for the | losers were Campbell 13), Lehniann, Douglas, j ! anr! Poypter. j I Tlie remaining sr.nies in the R Division ' I wore v.'on by East Torrent, who «le£e?-ed ? yfrQUh Adelaide by 6 goals W 4, and Wes£

Hindmarsb, who received a forfeit from Deaf Adult. Victorian Premership Tlie ro-play this afipruoon, consequent upon the draw between University and M.O.C. last Saturday, to uVcide tbe team Jo meet Malvern in the ^rnnd final on Sni urday next, resulted io a v,in for Univer sity, who defeated M.C.C. by I goals to 5.^.