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University Win Premiership;

(By 'Jtigat Attack.')

Notwithstanding the disagreeable climatic conditions, a large attendance' assembled at the University Oval Uf is. afternoon , to wltn«» the same between University (i&i&fr. pre miers) and North -AacJftMi» toe th* tsasrosse; pwmiereWp ot this State. Tor ? in* »r ui« pictnresq,uelF.Bltuate« TtatTenttFOval ta pro bably the best ot the city arenas, as It drains so wett. but the incessant rain immediately! bettyre the: contest started had flooded thft. {sCroasd, and the:, players fQUnd great diffi culty to keeping their toothold. A brilliant'

^B» .safer swob contifctaut. «o4 fwt rw ,- ilia- was iwrarHflly tmpownftte^ lite bbbc - tatter we&e. however, treateS to an tnterwt -ifeyjpswe TftQi quite creditable stfck-work. '„ wticalsrlx bo with UalverMty. The nwtea -*#s3-~cldeely toagfei out from beginning- to erffi. TindtrreCMttf a gMHne&n quar ter. '.and their defence had the satisfaclfcm of teepbtg North. from tearing rictt taroogk. - Tlw Aoal^scana, thenfiwe. wwe t coate ta nil ta favor. o£ «M UBfowftftr. sWe, «b* ttm rtt tkefr first gBfBdcrabipF »t. tin State for tt yap* ?? ' - pkmiBRiH&r TABLK. ? „ ? .£* GRADE. ? ' ' ? . SmJs. ? -Club. . P. Wt D. t ? for. ag. F. Oartjwitjf .. .. 1? It — 3 16» 56 « - Noitk Adelaide 17 12r — & 1W SB U Bast Taenita ..1ft 1» — 6 lit 87 20 start - v ., J€ i -' 7 at * « QittiAAlald* -. 15 3 1 13 «7 161 5 \j«r«t Torrauj .. is .— .. l i* *2 193 1 A GRABS FEKAfc 1MWN©. V- TTnivetxltr ?? '-- 2 S:''~ — J*' I .' 4 Ntofa Adelaide .2 1 — 1 6*2 . Start ... ? 1 — — -1 -'?-* ft — 'East TorreoB \. 1 — — * j. 1 U — TBK FLAY DESCRIBED. Thcr stto that took tin teU In the season's final match were: — .'-?? utxVtoHBTY. fi. G. Johmftop; (ibat) B. S. M»«fco ... D.UDwSt -H.K.SM& ' U Hathev* j; Keren ' T. HuSfera E. HarMeon O. Howard J-.R. Gotten (cap*.) -XGbmr ItfiM Ponafcy ' . NORTH ASEEdUBfi 1 A. J. Idee (goal} J. P. Hjpfle (capt- A. B. Cox C: BvBoy«r H. M. Ffaher K_ A. Brock €F. Bcresfer* t. McTkar H. Role * --?- A. TobUb B. Stttjterlasd - ' «. ttetfar * DeapHe the slippery ground, both side*- threw thtmselra into - their tasks with «**t vigsr frem the outset, and the fonaid«3fe Xorth baddine came prominently into tie pfctate in t*teking the frequent *w3t robe* of Tar eity. North's etn&gat section w«* uadpabt «fly their defence. T£eir totmrd vork showed no ' coboHOB at all, sometiafes an the three ' forwards JKfng. cooped on one sitfe of the ? goil. T*y battled- vaUantiy. but ta& ot any yetgafeed^nyitem at attack autde it es ijf |iif y .tfXflh.'uH f^ mrtf ipate ;' position warn the atOefei came dom -with the balL Uni venaty, 60 the other haod, d-mon«Uated real power in their attack work. £. Harbison, .. at third home, was the «ed merchant, aadi v he oauaHy obtained 'the- dearage* from goal .in the \icjnity of 'the «entrer and i with Gor don 'on one winy and-JEomby on '.. the opposite | one. These three, ' with Kessell and Rees as . sfrting, gave naar pretty paacages ot effec tive lorwird pttgr. W» atrength of the Nor thern baek line, lepreseafeed by £ee (in goal) Brock, Boyce, and MeWcar, with - Ash . Tonkin jnrt out from the god set, m a. match for the dMUBg asd Cut ionraefc and the sadt ?mm ihat although 'Vanity did most of the ..attarMng, little eesrinc jiWCTMi m achtevedJ - The «oK occaafaa the halt reached, the art; 5a the tot quarter vttinm a goal shot kr . 3a«k Oordoa, giring .*T**iy the Sdifal ?dvan- - % .Itis evennen chajactemed the 'wkole game, ' lyd fa the jjeaMd adfcirfag Itott Made g^y gSa of tfae^r litiu, and ?were iBrtiig better 'Seadanr & tb» ^ppy #n£ thaa SobBi Ade laide. Kessell capped aome hrllliaht workl ? top getting the Mcosd goal Cob the rtudentB.j ' ti*o ledl* tare goal* io»fl athatt-tltee.. ' , ~ ? ' .. miBa toe game recaaed the rain- had ceased] ? ' Xmtk ahowed eat ^raBttenUy, ant ?« 'was «v}-| '/Ant that ,.aey .wre bnt to .'«Jpe asoT: Oe * '' t^^a^a^^ AnatJi ilMklMal ~aJ ?? uliiiaiii a^il^ ??£ ??i^t jIb Qyde, Txa&a, asd'Oafrwete jw»-niiieBt4 Clewr back^ine averted *tfe3Se, «ad ifor a vkOe , -?'.«he play wwried to the ofher ewd. Tonhu, Btooekv and^Bojne Twre played magnificently, , aad *j coitlw Oe/ioxtHed the, students .and tapt ibem ani fertter scoring. Virile ' u. MbTthem:-aekmm w.^tof play tor some M, ' «-BB*e» prior tor She ifteee of the third term, , {- *V«ai(7 vifBtmSlf attacked and,,. seeing that 1 . : thej tad ti contend ^tth a loose aum dpririffi - these, eriOeal minutes, North Adelaide' rose , tplendidfy to their task and broke op dange-I . . ..rone oppneiUon. !' 'Evtataully Bec«- who was . ^tmehaeked, cg»t throagh the .defence and scored -..*: maritai '-a good chat. On tae lact' t*angc-over,: .. ,,'Vattity Held the winning posHloi with the ?acoae.thgM goals to nil in theii- fcwor.' ; ? 'WVh afdes evened -up again, 'Nflrth -made1 ' Tanotber attempt to pick up the difference in SQiejt Ash Tooldn *Uyei a fee «ame.' ' - ? ?chowjag' wonderful j~»ip»«^* end fioe Btickwork. ?The flalidBess and of the U^Tendty teatm proved equl to tie eaierscacy: The 'complete tack line showed resource during thto atase. - Beresford. Sutherland, Bole. ? ? ? ? : matf TonJdn tor the opposing battery -an had* ??;*hots wiflumt gaiabig their objective. John i'Mrtno Ob coal) displayed great vigUaiee, »nJ ? 'tithe taterceptioa and clearing of Harbison ani ? -Mathewa^ aided by KesBeD. Maecke, awl 1 -^Metf from the midfield, auccessfiffly tnraed ' ths trend «f play, wtteh once mere «waye 1 *- -%? U»e opposiag -end. - Some pretty r*w^*-t occurred, and althmigh the North lack Una -_'. 'were playing at their top, the aetote fofwa di '??? eereral times got In. a hot shot to* the! ? '.net. Arthur Lee ?ttflped finely and saved

' ? r-tOB ROC -. ' . ' . i. , Jut. muffival incident occurred when iha '?' play was momentarily transferred to' North's - forwards. A scuffle - ended with the ball ; beiaa; .knocked into t*e net, and «or a Moment ? ' it wu Uungnt that North's firttr goal bad ' been scored. The goal nmpire JMr. Kestel), ' ' ;bowerer, rigoalled U» the referee that \he .ban ta4 bees kicked fato the net, andJ conseaaenUy the goal was disallowed. The VnfTezsify back line .-promptly cleared their 1 .area, and a brffliant dash for goal towarJs '{.the otber end was on the point of culminat ing wtth Jade Gordon in poasession. un checked and witate 1 dozen yards of the* net. whea the tall was whittled tack. It 'bad seen cUimed that, a 'Varsity back mai ;^|iad kicked the ball wfeich had been recently ,L lodged in the KarOMRi . net, and in con * -e4ne&ce the referee bnrasnt the ball ba.k ?; to the centre and faces off. Later it tran - .cpired that tt was a Netth forward who haA . Jdcked the ball, so no goal was allowed, and ; Bnfortunately, UnlTersity had been robbed . «f what appeared a certain miuadag position for goal. Later, however, amends were ' made when Kessell broke through with a «ne run apd goaled, mdking the score four ?amis ts nil in University's favor. Shortly -after the strenuous sane concluded without any addition to the score. ? All the winning side played extremelv well la Jneet unpleasant conditions. »nd * were thoroughly entitled to their win. The North - ? jtdelaidf side seemed handicapped by the sllp jterr ground, and only on a few brief occa sions did they show the .fine combination which they have shown most or the year Their defensive work was magnificent. ? but they were outplayed up forward, and lacked tbr- system in attack. The best of the losing side were' Arthur Brock, McVlcar,- Boyce. Ash Tonkin Kbest on ground). Cox, Brie, and Sataertand \.M^, Frank Davidson, as central referee, handled a difficult game in an impartial man ner.