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PREMIEfiSmP TABLE. A GRADE. Goals Club. V. W. L. For. Agst. Pte. East Torrens ..15 14 1 152 48 38 Sturt ? 15 11 I 128 35 22 Goodwood .... 15 10 '5 £7 63 20 University .... 15 6 9 90 88 12 North Adelaide.. 15 3 13 58 181 4 Holdfast Bay .. 15 2 13 44 144 t B GRADE. Goals ' Club. P. W. h. D. Fr. Ag. Pts. West Hindmarsh. .. 15 13 2 — 111 30 '26 West Torrens ? 15 12 2 1 103 41 25 Sturt ? 15 11 3 1 96 55 23 East Torrens ? 15 9 4 1 53 28 19 Deaf Adult ? 15 8 5 1 71 91 17 Goodwood ? 15 7 8 — 29 77 It University ? 15 3 12 — 25 122 6 Adelaide Combined- 5 — 5 — 7 56 — Tbe A grade programme has nvvr concluded, except for the semi-final and final fixtures. On Saturday next East Torrens (minor premiers) will meet Goodwood at the Norwood Oval. TTie referee is Mr. E. D. Nicholas. The other semi final wfll be between Sturt and University on the sime date at the University Oral. Mr. Joe Lamer has been appointed referee. In B grade there are two more series. to be played before entering tlie sema-finais. KOBTH A©ELAD-E V. HOLDFAST BAT. ' A fortnight ago the northerners scored their first victor}' fur the eeason against the Bay side, and to-day'e match was enthusiastically played out. Xortb again ' demonstrated that improve ment which has been so noticeable in their efforts lately. They emenged victors by 8 goals to 2. . The game was not spectacular. The ground at tbe Glenelg Oval is most uneven, and seriously mars a decent display. At times there was good individual work, and possaieina 'wad fajriy well divided. . The seasiders carry out their *a£tacks badCy, and pay no heed to those essentials position and possession. Arch Thomp son plaj'ed forward for the main part of the gime, but his fine work was rendered futile from lack of assistance. Beauchamp took advantage of the absence of the redoubtable Bay defender, and dodged and twisted about forward, meet ing little opposition in the wav of body check ing. O. West, of* the Start' Club, took the field for the Bays to equalise the sides. Mr. Frank Davideou was referee. Upon the face-off yorth pressed fonward, but West relieved, Xankerris took1 up the Bay' attack, which TJroek held. CSayer and Simpson- resumed tbe Nontfa assault, but Bberbach cleared the goal. Up-and-down play followed until Beaucbainp netted, the first goal with a hard shot. West,' Xankervis, and Thompson led in a Bay attempt. The Xortb defenders were,, however, too strong, Londrigan, Brock, and Symonds doing good work. Tbe 'finst term ended:— ....... ' yORTH ADELAIDE .«. „ 1 goal HOttiDPASr BAY ? Nil McLean and Thompson took part in a Bay rush op the opening of tbe second quarter, thence to Welsh, but Londrigan repulsed. Symonds helped to send forward, where Beauchamp gained another soal. ^Bays countered and tried to break through, Welsh, West, Xankervis, and Thompson being engaged. Simpson frustrated the rush and sent back. After Bays had again attacked unsuccessfully through the ' agency of ICoLean and West, the northerners asserted them selves. Brock passed to Oayer, who gave Boys and Beauchamp a chance, which Hie latter con cluded with North's third goal A spirited on slaught by Bays ended in a goal from the crosse of Xankerris. Watkins forwarded to Simpson, who saored a clever goaL .Half-time ecorct: — -X-arH ADEILlUDE ..' „ 4 goals ' HOLDFAST BAY .. ..' .. 1 goal I ' The resumption was rendered conspicuous by 'a fine goal by Beauchamp, who beat several players in his attempt. Korth were playing nicely.' Kennare passed to Kelly, and the latter registered No. 6 goal. Another try was cleverly relieved by ChabreL In ? persistent red-and -white attack Trark Boys had a shot, which Chabrel intercepted. Kelly shortly after augmented North's taUy with a goal. Simpson, Clayer, and Boys followed this up, but the resultant Ehot went wide. Chabiei again relieved.- Simpson and ' Bowen renewed tbe attack and combined effectively. West intercepted and cleared the goat. The quarter ended: — SOBffH AiDEIiAIDE .... 7 goals HOLDFAST BAY ? 1 goal ^Clayer was first to worry the goalie in the concluding boui, but Welsh cleared and passed out. Simpson relieved ' at the other end. Brock obtained and passed through to Beaii ebaint-, who ultimately scored. Bays then tried by way^ijf Kankervis, only to meet a solid de fence. 'Dejbridge made an effort, which Wat kins ably cleared. w--T.pan ]ed up another rush. West and Xankerns came into play, thence to Evane, but the defence held firir£y. Eberbach was called upon to reject occasional northern rushes, and he slopped very ttc11 at this stage. I{be Bays were fig-hiing a good finish, and kept up the assault. CEayer, Brock, and KelJj- strove hard for Norths, and on the other side the baU was exchanged between Thompson, Xankervis, and Wesi. ISventuaKy -'ankerris scored a goal, and the match ended: — IWKIH AOEAIDE .... 8 goals HOLDFAST BAY ? 2 goals Goalthrowers: — Winners— Beauchamp (5), KeMr (3), Simpson (I). Holdfast Bay— Nankervfc -2)*. The most noticeable players on tbe winning side were:— Wattdns, C9ayer, Londngan, Brock, Symonds, Beauchanip, Kennare, and Eeliy. and for the losers Chabrel, Thompson, Nankervis, West, McLean, Eberbach, and Welsh. Sturt B defeated East Torrens B on the krt ter's grounds ac Victoria Park by i goals to 2. At the conclusion of the first term Torrens bad