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STCBT DEFEAT EAST TOBBENS. Tlie double-blues again claim premiersrirf honours, having defeated- East Torrens in the- . challenge match -bjr 7 goals to 3. Start have beaten Torrens in three matches out of four, and a fiftfc was forfeited. Sturt obtained . from (Jie face-off, but Torrens relieved and bad the southerners on the defensive. After some play . around goal,' in which Russell and L. Oke figured, Noblet stopped a hard shot and cleared the goal. Ton-ens kept up the attack, mainly- , through the igenev of Krautr and Uolthouse. U. Okc received the pass «nd sbot bard, but . again Xoblet saved. Sturt then took a hand. Wicks and Selth contriving to get through, but lloddng checked and transferred tbe play. Seltii B»vc Mitchell the pass, but agatarthe eastern backs, Holthouse, Boach, and Parsons, proved superior. Torrens had bad four shots for goal, each of which Noblet saved. West was instru mental in getting Start ont of *. bole. Gordon had a shot, wbicfa. Parnell saved. Torrens attacking gamely when the quarter ended... . Scores:— ' ' '?*, ' . V' stout .. :. ? xa '?-?..

£AST TOHRESiS .... .. .. XU '' . After the change tbe game became faster. Tor tens still pressed home attack after attack to no avail. Although -tine easterners proved su perior in ground work, they often failed in their passing. At tbis period Sturt took tbe oSen- ' * sive. West,- who was allowed a good deal of libettr by Hocking, dflcrly eluded him and opened up tbe tally for Start. A few moments later Mitchell added another. Parsons for ttie ' * red-and-blues checked skilfully and kept Mitchell oat. Torrens made an^efftrt to sebac through the agency, of. -Auld and ;!-.- Qke. WoodheaQ, however, relieved and sent iorward. Wicks oV tained and shot. Pamell cleared. Wicks again secured, and this; time found, the net. K. McLeay relleved the tension, and : Sturt were siren ? another opportunity, but Moore and fioach wett instrumental in toansf erring- .; die play. Enntz. gave Holthouse a. dot,- which struck the «jot sifie ot the net.- ' Half-time Ecores:— STCBT .. .. .. .. .. .. S goals ? ; EAST TORBENS ,_. .. JJU - ? After the interval Torrens took chvge .«p3 (ashed forward. Auld intercepted a pasB, and. Ehooting, scored - a well-merited *oal. Gordon. Oke euccessfully took file ball -Jown- tot Wood head barred the way. G. Oke again worked the rubber down, where Treloar turned the attack. Parsons intercepted- a. 'shot and iorwarfed. Moore' received a free, but noQuner nuterialised. Selth gathered up and passed on to W«si, who eluded his' opponent and 'found tile net will] «. well-timed s&ot, The. easterners renewed the offensive, though tbey were -unable to penetrate . the strong defence of the -Dnleyiles. After -*. ? series of passes SSth received loose, in front, andiadno difficulty in beating tlie 'keeper. At three-quarter time, the record stood:— ' : STCBT .. .. .. .... S goals EAST TOBBENS ? lcoal Immediatdy on resumption Auld was given pos- ? session and made good, adding 'Torrens*- second goal. Sturt ropEed 'with. one. from the crosse of Mitchell. A few moments later he cleverly' eluded bis opponent and scored again— Bturi- seventh. Erantz pleased the spectators with bis stickwoifc. Svesell'ii piay was often spoilt by A bad pass. Treloar . broke' loose and 'dashing down essayed a shot which went high.'- Tonen* again took' a --hand, and from a. pass -tf Auid G_

ute managea -to aaa ox easterners tura goat. Sturt made another-' bid, -but !?. Md-eay and Woodbearl turned' the attack, and- the - eame ended:—: ? ? - . ~ '. ? .. ' SITJBT .... '..... .... 7 goals ' - ; iiiST TO^fiEKS ...... 3 gtals Tie best players for tlie winners were Xoblg On goal). West, MHcbeU, Haymond, and Wicks. For Torrens G. Oke was most prominent, while 1L, Hothouse, ParaM-6, fioach, and Auld . were ' seen to aavantage. . ' Goalthrowets:-Stuit— SCtdiell -3^, lRbst -*), and Selth. Torrens— Au3d (2) and U. -Okc Gapt. Wicks when seen after ' the 'match was highly delighted -with his team's success.. This i» the' seventh occasion in succession that Start have obtained the premiership. He ,fuliy appre ciated the. good feork by his back men. He was thankful to have such old- reliable players as Treloar and L. Jones to back him up at the be ginning of the season.-' Tic tray in wbich the . back men stuck to the club was, in his opinion, tfce £ca£os o$ their success. - .