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STURT MINOR PREMIERS , Surprise Win by North

By defeating Goodwood today by 10 goals to € Start have secured »e minor premiership for 1930. East Torfchs are second, although they were sur prisingly defeated today by North ABe ' laide by 10 goals to 3. Port Adelaide overwhelmed University, the final score being 19 goals to 4. ~ In the semi-finals next Saturday mh^ «.*:u MBnt pArf Arioiaift* 2tnd

East Torrens and North Adelaide will be matched. It was expected that 'the mateh be tween North Adelaide and East Torrens would be a good one. but the defeat oi East Torrens by 7 goals was a surprise Play was even in the first quarter. JLee iz» and Bollison scoring for North and Thomson and K. Gellert for Torrens. In the next Wtd' North attacked strongly. Their passing was be .- ter, and they were quicker to the ball. Thfy rattled on seven goals during the tenn. mostly through Lee, making the score at half-time:— North. 10 goals ; Torrens. 3. ni.-tn. Several changes were then made in the placln of East Torrens, and from then onward tue game was again even and hard fought How ever, neither side could score again Goalihrowers.-North-Lee (5) Waddy (2). BolilsoD, Hyde, and one knocked In. fcasi Torrens— Thomson, K. Gellert. j and Pearcc. Best Playere.-North-A. and 3. ILee. **™-' Cornish, and Bollison. Torrens— West, Bojcc-. and Tilemann. STURT V. GOODWOOD A feature of this came was U»c excel lent showing made by fchimmin, Barrett, ant. Taylor who were promoted from tbe Goodwooa B team. The final score was 10 goals to 6 in favor of Slurt. . Sturt led by three coals to nil at the first change, uut could not increase the score ouruis the next term. Martin aud then -Mckham

scored for Goodwood, leaving them one gcai m arrears at the long interval. The passing throughout was bad, but otherwise the game was au interesting one. Goodwood were better at centre field. After half-time Sturt gradually increased their tally. Stubbs played one of his best games for the season in scoring four goals. GoalUirowers.— Sturt— Stubbs (4) . Warner (3). Kinsman (2), and Kestel. Goodwood— Wickham (2), Martin, Shiminin, Cocks, ana Duffleld. , Best Players.— Slurt — Graham, Kestel, Warner, and Martin. Goodwood— Shimm.n. Martin, Mackenzie, and Grundy. PORT ADELAIDE V. UNIVERSITY 'Varsity were weakened by tbe absence of Cook and Muecke. Port were never pressed, and won comfortably, the flna! score being: — Port Adelaide, 39 goals; JJniverslty, 4. B GRADE Sturt. 13 goals: University, 9. Goalthrowers.— Sturt— Thomas. Tuohy, Davis „. w _**i ? jai s*i..n1- .tn.1 Viiiin

(eacn m, jaact-ornisu *-/. cuwn, ?»'« »«?»??*. East Torrens. 23 goals: Goodwood, 2. GoalUirowers.— East Torrens — Schulz (9), Gepp (7), George (3). MacCormac, Keen, Far mer and Clarke. Goodwood— Harvey and Biee. Deaf Adult, 24 coals; University No. 2, 4. Gflalthrowers.— Deaf Adult— Juncken -8). Poynter, Simons, Lanslcy (each 4), Xajar -3), Ferguson. fniversity No. 2— Ewens (3), Cos. Best Players. — Deaf Adult— AU played well. University No. 2— Irving. Cox, McGee. Ewens. North Adelaide, 12 goals; Port Adelaide, 5. C GRADE i Y.M.C.A., 12 goals; Brighton, 2. Goalthrowers. — Y.M.C.A. — Truman (5). Mac nherson. Stephen, Wiles (each 2), and Dorling.

Brishton— Cottle and Bootes. Best Players— Y.M.C.A.— All played -well. Brighton— Boofes, Oihams, Phillips, and CotUe. Port Adelaide, 22 goals; Legacy Club. uil. Goalthrowers. — Port Adelaide — Boyes (9), EUis (C). substitute (4), Movers (2), and West Torrens received forfeit from Cniver East Torrens received forfeit from Goodwood. Sturt, 13 goals; North Adelaide, IX.