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In a fast and vigorous lacrosse match on Norwood Oval this after* noon, North Adelaide defeated Goodwood by 13 goals to 10 in the chal lenge match for premiership honors of the S~A..- Lacrosse Association for - the 1929 season. North Adelaide were minor premiers, and were defeated in the semi v ?'? c final by Start. Today Norths combined well, and triumphed chiefly became of the weakness in the back lines of Goodwood.

Mr. F. Lancelot Parsons had charge of the game. The score of 13 to 10 in favor of North Adelaide was a fair indication of the play. Goodwood established a two-goal lead in the first quarter, but the game was really won in the second term, when North put on eight goals to Goodwood's three. J. Lee scored five of the eight goab. He is adopting a somewhat similar style to Flavel, and Lovegrove did not have .suffi cient weight to check him effectively. After the Hong interval Harvey was trans ferred to Lee, and with his additional weight was able to hold him down to one goal, which was obtained from a free posi tion. ? Goodwood were first to attack, but Brock checked Bronner. .The baU was sent to the opposite end, where J. L-ee nearly scored. Play was brisk, and when the ball was next with the Goodwoodfor wards Duffield scored a smart goaL From the draw-off North attacked through Hyde, but a bad pass test possession. Grundy and then Caporn saved the posi ? tion for Goodwood. Martin had a Bhot. but A. X*e (in goal) turned it aside. North pressed forward, and three succes sive attempts to goal were saved by the phenomenal goaJkeepine of Mackenzie. However, shortly after J. Lee scored the first goal for the red-and-whites. T* -«oodwood then took a hand, and Phil ^Kps found the net. After Flavel had hit 5 the post twice jGoodwood pressed forward. ; and Duffield obtained an easy goal. The score at the first change was Good wood 3, North Adelaide 1. The pace continued fast after the change ?ver. J. Lee ran from behind the goal and scored with an underhand shot. Mar :*' tin secured for Goodwood at the draw-off, and Bronner passed on to Babbage, who had a good try Sinclair netted for North and made the score three all. J. Lee easily defeated Lovegrove. His goal was followed by one from Flavel. Goodwood were crowding their goal. Often the three forwards ran to to j gether, and with the attacks ihere also it : gave little chance of scoring. C- Mackenzie turned aside a determined North attack, and Harvey sent the ball ;, forward and Bronner found the net after ;' receiving a nicejwss from Dofiield. . , FoPT time North Adelaide dominated the play, and goals came from FUwei.and J Lee (2) Brock was prominent for the 'northerners, and held up several pronus ing attacks. When Bronner received from Cocks he threw Goodwood's fifth goal. It was a spectacular Dne. and was

thrown without turning round. Martin came in with the ball, and his long shot found the opening. Just before half-time J Lee threw his fifth goal for the quar ter, giving North a lead of three goals. Up to this stage Goodwood men failed to drop back into the goalmouth as much as their opponents. This helped to keep the red-and-whites' forward line more open than their opponents'. The green-and-whites soon reduced their arrears by a good goal from Babbage, but North replied with one from J. Lee, who received a free near goal. The standard of play deteriorated, and much scrimmaging was witnessed. Bab bage was playing excellently, and again found the net, but Cocks left his shot too late, and was prevented from increasing the tally a little later. At this stage Brock (North) received a knock on the back of his neck with the ball, and was carried off unconscious. Be soon regained consciousness, but could not return. Bronner stayed off with him to even sides. Play became vigorous. Grundy and Harvey did some sound work for Good wood. Flavel got right in to goal, but Mackenzie made another good save. Goodwood was showing better combina tion, and, with Harvey holding Lee, had the better of matters.. Phillips, after a brilliant run, brought his side's tally to within one of North's score. Both sides started the final term with determination. After some up-and-down play, Flavel put North two goals ahead Ralph held up the next North attack, but when Phillips took the ball forward there was nobody to back him up. The ball was sent back, and Kessell secured and netted North's twelfth goal. From some distance out Babbage caught Le*- unawares with a shot through a crowd This shot gave the southern team a chance, but when Cocks failed to pass the ball to Martin, who was loose, with an empty goal in front of him, a good op portunity was lost. , Caporn relieved for Goodwood a little later, but, pressing forward once more, Goodwood forged ahead, but no score was made before the final bell. Goalthrowers:— North Adelaide — J. Lee (7), Flavel (3), Sinclair, Kessell, and Leader. Goodwood — Babbage (3), Bron ner, Duffield. and Phillips (each 2). and Martin. Best Players:— North Adelaide— Brock. J. Lee, Hyde, Kessell ,and Waddy. Goodwood — Mackenzie, Babbage, Grundy. Harvey, and Martin.

RIDERS IN HUNT CLUB CUP.— -Top {left to right)— Messrs. Hale, Harrington, A. Edwards, W. Hastings, L. Heenan. Sitting— Messrs. M. Williams, K. Best, T. Conway, L. C. Smith, A. Sutton, E. O'Conntr.

RIDERS IN HUNT CLUB CUP.— -Top {left to right)— Messrs. Hale, Harrington, A. Edwards, W. Hastings, L. Heenan. Sitting— Messrs. M. Williams, K. Best, T. Conway, L. C. Smith, A. Sutton, E. O'Conntr.