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Port-West Torrens Match Drawn

The final four lacrosse teams were decided today. Port, Uni versity, Sturt, and Goodwood fill 1 the positions in that order.

The interstate game with Victoria will be played on Unley Oval next Saturday, and the semi-finals will be contested at Birkalla a week later. The best game today was between Port and West Torrens, and r-.-sulted ia a draw. It is the only occasion this sea son that Port have not won. Sturt accounted for East Torrens, and Goodwood lost to North Adelaide. As a result Sturt moved up to third position. TODAY'S RE8ULT8 West Torrens, 8 ; Port. 8. Sturt, 9; East Torrens, 6. North Adelaide. S ; Goodwood. 7. PREMIERSHIP TABLE Goals Prem. P. W. L. D. For. Ag. Ptt. Port .... 12 11 — 1 150 74 23 University . . 12 6 5 1 131 105 13 Sturt .... 12 6 6 — 98 101 12 Goodwood . . 12 5 6 1 111 110 11 North Adelaide 12 5 T — 82 89 10 West Torrens #12 4 7 7 76 115 9 East Torrens 12 3 9 — 70 125 6

LEADING CO ALTH BOWERS Cook (University) ? 51 Lee (North Adelaide) ? 50 Burnley (Port Adelaide) ? 45 Warner (Sturt) ? .. .. 42 Eidd (Port Adelaide) ? .. 35 Sibley (Port Adelaide) ? 29 Muecke (University) ? 28 The Lacrosse Association pennant was Sown at half-mast at BlrkflUa In respect of the late Mr. R. F. Edwards, who was secretary of the Deaf Adult team for several - years. West Torrens against Port played their best game of the season and nearly lowered their colors. Burnley scored the first goal for Port early In the game, but shortly after be had to eo off the field to even sides because of an injury to Harrison, bis opponent. There was an unusual Incident when Belli* son, the tall Torrens Backman, secured the ball and shot it into the net, which was un guarded. Instead of ^passing to his clubmate. It was a useful goal for Port. Port lead by two goals at half-time, but they could not Increase their tally during the next, while Torrens scored twice and made the score level at five goals. ? The final term was exciting. Thicket Scored for Torrens, but almost Immediately Sidd

evened. Newland (Torrens) men sowed alter a i run-in,. but good play enabled Sibley and then Kldd to net for Port. This put the westerners one in arrear. The game was fast and excit ing and both sides attacked with rigor. Boath by excellent play then threw a. goal for Tor rens and once more the score was lereL A Torrens player ran In to have a shot and could have got much closer to the net but Spencer, who should have been off the field with his man who was injured, stood between him and the soal. Although Spencer, did not tackle the Torrens 'man it gave the lmprasiloa he was playing and spout the Torrens playerta chance. In the few minutes which remained neither side could get a winning coal, although* «ach bad good tries, final score:— West Torreai, &; Port Adelaide, 8. Ootlthrowera,— West TorrenB— Edse (3), Symes (2), Thlckett, Newland, and Boalh. Port —Kldd (3), Sibley (2). Burnley, gutheriand, and one fenocted In. . ' Best Players.— West Torrens— Bettisoa, Sags, Rowland, and Syroes. Port Adelaide— Sh»«r, Sibley, Darts, and Sutherland. STURT WIN C Geflert reappeared for East Tarrens against Start, and strengthened the forward division. The play was a little ia favor of Sturt in the first half, and the doubte-Wues led 5—3 at hatt-tltae. When play was resumed Start rattled on three goals in about as mafcy minutes. Before the Quarter ended Torrens found the net three times. Play la the last quarter was even, the back man d6mlnAUfle4 Thomas (Sturt) was the only one to iacmtii This made the final score—Start 8, East Tor--* rens 6. Goalthrowers. — Start — Warner (4), Mmt' (2), Seltb, Miller, and Thomas. East JBor rens— Gellert (8), Bchulz (t). and ISepp. - Best Players.— Sturt- Warner, Daniels, ffes* tel, and Millet. East Torrens-HBtahau, Wet eon, Jeffrey, and Gellert.

i. LEE IH FORM Xorth were too good for GoodvrooiL inainly because of fine play by J. Lea. 3nsr play nntU the long Interval was keen, but the *ttek work was only moderate. Neither aide could get the upper hand, and the score was- five *U. . Goodwood obtained a lead of one toil la the third quarter, and Babfaagfe teertasod this, soon after the final term started. It was then that J. Lee shone, and a brace of. coals brought the tallies level, and then two more goals by the same player pot Us «lde In a winning position. Lee played a more open gasu and .-refrained from 'boring In' tactics, and the. result proved fiie wisdom of this change. Martin, fak op ponent, did not eeem to play his usual came, but this may have been because of the Changs hi Lee's pUty. Final score— North Adelaide 8. Coodwooo 7. Goalthroweia.— North Adelaide— J. Lee (7), M. Lee (2). Goodwood— Shimmln (3), Bab bage (2). wlckham. and Tayloe, Best Players.— North Adelaide— J. Xee, tteeO, and Joyner. Goodwood— Summln, Harvey; and Babbage. B GRADE T University II., 10 goals, -defeated East Tor. rent, 4. Goalthrowers :— University IL— ^ Bosnia . (3), Burnard. Calebtteh {each 2), Fisher, Oe* land, and Garrett. East Torrens — D&WBOn, Braadwood, Parsons, and Boberta, University L, 17 goals; Goodwood, nlL Goal throwers: — University L — Morgan and Davis (e&cb 5), McKay. Turner (each S), Seatcy, Kumnlck. and Pedler. O GRADE Start, 20; University, 6. Brighton, 18 ; Legacy, 5.