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Lacrosse Premiership

Won by Port Adelaide

KEEN GAME WITH GOODWOOD University No. 1 Annex Honors in B Grade

TJORT Adelaide had only two goals to spare at the finis* of the A Grade lacrosse final with Goodwood at Birkalla today, (oodwood showed a complete reversal of the form displayed last Saturday, and were always within striking distance. Mackenzie, the Goodwood goalie, played a brilliant game, and. had it not been for his phenomenal saves. Port's score would undoubtedly have been much higher. Port won by 9 to 7.

H. Hocking was referee. There was a targe attendance. Goodwood began with a rush, and the ball travelled from Shlmmln to Wlckham Mid on to Kuffield, who netted tiielr first goal. Good Mood defences were dropping back and crowd ing the goalmouth for Port Adelaide. Bab bage tlien gave an accurate pass to Wick hntn, who scored Goodwood's second goal. Burnley netted Port's llrst goal after rcceiv U-.R a. tree. At this stag« Martin (Goodwood) was Injured, and did not take any further l-;irt In the match. Burnley went off with him to even sides. Shaw then ran through from the back line and passe dto Sibley, who had been left, and a goal resulted, maklug the score two goals each. NEARLY ALL PLAY In the second term Goodwoud had nearly all the play for a time, and Wickham and Bab baee had some good tries. When Port next nnnaged to get the ball forward it was on the ground in front of goal, when Kldd flicked it into the net from the crowd which sur rounded it. Port Adelaide were heartened now. and at tacked vigorously. Mackenzie (goal) stopped j sume but shuts, although njuny of the tries were from close rangt. ', Sifolcy was now off tlie fli-ld, and Port Ade- ' !?ido wore disorganised with only one for- j ward. Sutherland played near goal, but uU pour shouting lost sonic almost tx-rtnln goals. Port Adelaide scored again, and then from the -3raw-otT the ball went to the opposite end. Cocks secured behind the net. and sent over to Shimtn, to score a goal. Port Adelaide led 1 — 3 at half-time. Early In the next quarter Port Adelaide played a dashing same for a lime, and soon had goals from JSibley and Sutherland. A bad pass by Caporn to ono of tlie opposition put Sutherland In possession, and he made sure of a goal while the goalie was out. TEAMS TIRE Another ctml each was scored, and then the game, which bad so far been fas', slackened. Both sides were closing up the goalmouth, and content to take things quietly until the cad of the term. It had beeu Port Adelaide's quar ter, and they had a handy lead of four goale when the last quarter started. Shlmniin secured at the draw-off and rau right In and goalcd. Kidd replied for Port, and then Goodwood put on two more. Gruntly beat hie man at tie draw -off on nearly «very

occasion, and this helped the Goodwood at tack. Martin cleared the ball from the front of goal when Goodwood looked like scoring again. However, at. the opposite end Harrey and Caporn were playing solhfly. aad generally were too strong for the opposition. - L. Davis started many attacks, but Mac kenzie was always In the way. He showed judg ment In coining out of goal to spolL In the remaining few minutes neither side could break through again. Port Aedlalde were very evenly balanced, and few players stood out above the others. It is the first time since 1905 that Port Ade laide hare had premiership honors. In that year the combined Port Adelaide and Holdfast Bay team were premiers. final Sears POBT ADELAIDE ? 9 GOODWOOD ? 7 Goalthrowers.— Port Adelaide— Kldd, Suther Iand (each 3). Sibley (2), and Burnley. Good wood — Duffiold. Shlmmin (each 2). Wlckham, Gnindy, and Babbage, Best Players. — Port Adelaide— Martin. Spen cer, Shaw. L. Davis, and Sutherland. Good wood— Mackenzie, Grundy, Caporn. Harrey, and Shlmmln. B GRADE : University So. I just got home against Port Adeluidt: in the B tirade flnaL Although xbes led by 12 to 4 at half-Umc Port Adelaide dominated play in the second half and scored eight goals to the students' one. Fiaal Seen UNIVERSITY No. 1 ? 13 POBT ADELAIDE ? 12 Goaltbrowers. — University No. 1 — Abbott -4). Bonnln (3). Kumnlck. McKay, and Tur ner (each SI, Port Adelaide— Glover (T). MePhewon (3), Ellis. ifcLennon, and Con nolly. C GRADE West Uiadmarsh proved too strong for North Adelaide in the final match Is C Grade, and von comfortably. Next Saturday they will play Brighton (minor premiers) in the' chal lenge flnaL Vest Hindmarsh. 19 coals; North Adelaide. 8. 0 GRADE Semi-final.— Sturt defeated Brighton, 8 goals to 4. Goalthrowers. — Sturt — Manning (5), Sevens (2), Cathy. Brighton— Jenkins (2), GUlon. -and tinrr.