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PRODEB8HIP WON BT STDRT. * ' On the Cnley Oval yesterday the Sttot ' and OniJetsijy elate met and dwdedkajTSe atntt-C. a--3unj»Wl, B. Pmct ? H.. fl3S«j;Vr iseton, J; 'eaoBe, C iiHootfc, W. -V«rtfiy H. Odflht *- -, IGItboijBe, ?-£.-. WeattoilL- S - «hwj-«^---^g^ ? - «^r;':»:'a^te!St'a«^*^«|';; ««, aaSifelj^n&cure «^F«rently-^^S£ - cetlent ieWp. Hr »E. pTS^bSs hM-«i£f of tbe pUy. Tbe gsine-WM Jate in aSSa^Ei ?V«raty-i«tt«iE4froni frce-aB, tMfPi^^aSS-, \ npteO, afd ?O^Sbart boBeTweR .d«aa^SS^':? pattunity winch mt ? repnlesd by?dbir*Vhi£ti .- bat*.- tine, led! toy -Clo^Srf WWHa^w*?^ - ' eataiiiip oof 4k«i *ja« tdtt Traa£y»w{kfi5 ww.oUrtoil by/WiJtuiktan, iAn JHH^eJ^SdSa-i-... '? Stixtrgay,- and J.'=Ckwe ' iriir; linfrjril '^iaSS ''; jrtttroat iqyfitog1' of' bate -Mcamife''nirta1mK'- . ' law secured 'aJxT-' Aot -' -wittiurt ' eWbti^THR^lj Varlej- -Bffin :had^ ^* ri«ni*«,-^MoS'dffit ;:? beB gathered 5u and MaedyMt. '?-n^'.'gj*gJft;:V-: very eren.neitber eide being ^Jble H)-5Sp-*&» advanUge. Vinbaase, Coding, »oirS^sm,- . tied W4U for jjic rfbdeats against A ^S'sS ' Cue without ericas*. Wicte vm senSffl^i ' shmbjfa^- -Hoi, ?a»a often got tic tmll eUaB A *a%er. ? : -AtHnBe Obdn^y ?? £ot from^diSe^ - - acd.Tlbch, temporsrilr goal, made a fine JiK -. sad Shiotar fi*-Sn «bothcT artempt Int'caii^^B - aUDort imoli»fclyf:afi«f.' Xp again, and Mitc^ffl ' triea -w«I-otit nffik: '? Goidoo loUbwea i^L:.i^ . ymH mstd:.vrm. ' Ui3jf*j took a nand'tt 'JK- ?? iiertne jnd- **a&aae the niber' np' te' «b ? homai. Oinm agadn, and .SEHboose -*t»a«?a Srie gdil,: fequaltrng-' the tootts jnst befairFtto - WI& **aTt^A- - '. ?'??-? ? ? j^ ? ? . .\si .^j^«c ^- .Start,' rgdal; ' '?- - ; Wrttp ?: CnineTBitj-, 1 gaiL ? '. . .7-i- --S Tbe play bad been moEt intemtUng and MO. : * The Start*1 ocmbioatiad «?£ .not as good Jus ' ?- ususl, while ttic students exnasea emmdM^ r' ment in all their moremente: Tbe Eterte «S^- ; ' ed alter the students bid made s daA, JHrfTifif- : fat and GonJon mtetfed, but lost ttejTooffiol ? of tbe ball, aad away it went.' «nJjr :ta. ^DJHw - back per Fi-tt. W. ? Tariey epoiled tbdroit boaevET, 'aail-'seBt % veU-fornatd, «i*n*^ dwe to Hi-vbtm to distuign&- kihiEelL Ai . ^..-toofc-.fifflVatantaee «f, and . deaed ^^St ; Flett tusbed d»s nd .ae$£4an cixeciable,|-4at^to' ' Maff«t, and 'Vansity .obtained posemon. V]OK» amunng (o .witness (be tuasles between- ?'TtOSa .? ? aud WeaUicria Bk4. battled barf, and ilSKl crceUcnt pace. Tie older nuin'c etje3nr6ricTfej 1-ettc*. bnt. tbe. younger slaver -*w*ed -«iS. and altof^tner gave a fine display. Uitdul! dift: - and TuUl eared and «ened Udlbonac. sSS ' ' again, and Itoftst to MaeTreU.' who jnot3|« : beauUfal goal, to &e delight of the epfctSSm. Varler shot and hit a post - Down »F*tf 1 ~Md tiie ranif oonsnlnaixon Eucoeeded in BiTitinBf itft-Bic Start tally, SOtebaH again: beatibg YvifL -;Wt- - other Stact rash icas sated: by C . Abbots S&Vi bad been playing , a .fine ;gsne xi^t.-agtaSb, Mitchell budced in again, ana after^-euw5MKl -; ed about; a bit. dot. and No. 4 twent-in, ;fltfl5$y - ? foDo^vicd by tbs fifni bum' nuftEL1^ *crovu ^^Aq :. Unley men mre playing all around their jimo- 1 Tieots ajrf cxhibitiiBT fine fonrtrd ptay, »&? Mitcben; MoBal, and Gordon leadhw Ae ££? McLeav nwde a feeble attenmt. whidi FmiTS. *

cored, and rait mi tormrd. HaH-time eoocef:-. . . Start; 5.feoafc. ??. . : ?? , .-S- ' ' Cnivesf}-, I «pa!.-. . . ;.. i av. %\. , 4 ? This *juftrt*r .belonged, to Stpii, ^fbp'JBdt^HD v' their best stride, 'varsity fai«, taid. ig« tbe stpaeirts-brgan wen,bn coant nofteai^Sd Stuit took a hand. Gordon ,anne a ^HfieTWnT ' sod . passed to Mitchell witnonti. mnj r nlirili ^ .'? Avj again, and 'Vanity trirfibaf. fe**x T ', point, only to see lie rnlAer drif h«w»y ^-gt-T ?: toe set ' Fleet sornrdeu, -aiid . Muffat. ;^&WpB . *- hard to break mr, and tmtxeedd, «ly JtMIbB y t cfasnee GpoHt oy -wtetAra ; nafigQw, - *flWyw» - bnt eWathenn ln- «ramble. -wixt;j^v^ajmt- /- cjieil, iMjLtfun 4be.a-cks h ct e -too ,Buij)bf.' dlnM*~ ' bad a go lor a sobL . W. *»rjey nfat anB«'' to the -front and datbed down to On nipt, . eenent, and jwt Tnhied., . Roy Pindb ^ecomS a^d.nawd to Monat, wrfoTthn»td- ?oF^nltoi i Etniabt, tyl. an ouuurUiity tnt, lo«t.. - JVnra -?? Vf!S)Tl. VVa SlIMIiaW Jl*fl S 'fine «UA XFOIBJ^ClOBfr'^^V in; »*i-* Canobrll cleraiiy omkt xni .fi»u»|i J ' . out. A. 'Vtrnty daA tnns led .by Westtafll '?-';? and : rennlsed by pinrfc. The «*o*nt8 *BiS*5aS r. tac*ed rigotvwlT, ?and **iert»n-« efr* -3w; ?' Ttoip was called triUi the soores unaltered:*^11 '?, S'ihX, 6'inaH. ? ?; '. ?' ? ? - v * . ^ UniviTOtT. 1 *o»L - - - ' -Ui ' Tbe njar was totf .enen |n the thirl ^k. Far* toon mimed vhuciwi' ant the' h»rtc«:i(Bfts ?--' mrit prrmnioeot. 'WlHn. fde'bai] was1 'UttjF'fM- ?'?': for the but quart* WiTPwnM mxvti'miji ,-**« . *' well no. onlv to bf foH') by B. Ermi.' J&-' -;, cbelMM-a; fhot-iqim a 1'y« way. not; *n»Soif' '.. mnronled in -lrittine WKtHwhwV hii&^A- . ?V*r?*y attack -which folkmrrd was *-T*i«Mi3k» ? ???'? Oamnoell. and' FVtt Dassed tn M^jlat .:*n*e - & -ti-F.-fmin a- Mr 49ift^uice -vas 4bnooeA'3nr'3tmll \*- «fb?r -ritftmij-iake rH»y fhe 'tnr** nt»rkiJl. cila -? :'! Gorrton marl^ a -v»ls*«t attrmnt v?*h'tl. Al-bntt ' '. --n Ms ih^s. wK4. prmtS- frmH--n. aSe '' ?y^~n««B w^Hijil?;™* in K-iy.iwM'W itttj V '.iiv. bnt dM' not w«-rp. av* -Wntfiit fr^Ofe^Sfe:^. *— . mnrJKnirir dose, and nritfcer 'afi^?*ot31 ; r i -Iprn an -A'v»b«re. Moffat mw -^'-*1 ttjft ' ' ? -*?!! -aod*W-.'W»llH-»*hn. atwl *pt *i-*i ''HfiCt 'i~:' ?n ftmt .YinTl-.««^»a jtrtl: an* rlrat-H *»«-fl5'-; S.1 ^yr ?*»»»!.' ? ?B:*-l-l~* aiyM^d ?tii -B»f -MjSl''-J-;.'- ?i**w jwi ?P^^wn *^-*^^on w.'ltMwvt, !^**p*m'4. . ^(u^B -'i-^ wm'rmftr4, Iravinev Hie: sedns 'naattend:— - --- ' *?Tl!tf.*i«r«tht— __ . - - :'„-'?'?:':.. rrrirwki'j. 1 foiV . ?. ? 'V'-?'-'v -''..?.? The '9tm*K. «cront.f«r.*fwt. IS jn'.nili^i ;w H_i .?-'.: ,^^v»«*k. . In tint 1!-- n-W-tm7 tfm*3£- i^fr ?*'. c—« ~f f««- cnaf- «nd won Hie match ''^x-f-'i n-«t nUjr.n! /«? »K. lom. mtn ? ?»«' J&V: '?:', -««\. Clow. J^«n?ton. AKbntt. V*i&**& /Vv ™ -W. WMTpf C\*mW. C^x*~n fi v^iTt -iQMaV' '???'? »-»l. Phv*. Wirte. and T-^Vin wn b*«t -£ .;- '?--Moo* knt-. ftjr, o— ^-I ««„? 3S? &Bf '' ??v ^.^^ T^r^r w^ n* riBrkfem -,««:?«?! Ti^mnm -^ ? -;,