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Family Notices

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ENGAGEMENTS. NICHOLAS— BAKER. The engagement is announced of Ber nice. younger daughter of Mr. A. J. Ba ker, Gtenefc. and Medbury, eldest son of Mr- F. S. Nicholas, of St. Petere. MALON1E-SMITH. The engagement is announced of Ella Kathleen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith, of Werilto, Walker ville road. St. Peters, to John Stephen, eldest son of Mrs. A. and the late M. It. Ma tone, of Fernleigh, Cator street. Hind marsh West. QPALMAX— RO0KEIT. The engagement is announced of Mr. Svdney K. Qualman. only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Qualman. of Evergreen. MafUand. Y.P., to Alias Belle Rockett, fifth daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Rockett, Rosevale, Fifth avenue, St. Peters. BEGG— FINKER. The engagement is announced of Regi nald H. Begg, B.Sc., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. A. Begg, 'Willada.' Se maphore, to Irene, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Finker, 'Lorraine,' Loch street, St. Kilda, Victoria. APPROACHING MARRIAGES. MYERS— LOB. Tha marriage of Elsa L. Lob, youneest daughter of J. L. Lob, of Glenelc- tp H. Wentworth Myers, younger son of the late Captain W. E. Myers, R.M., now of Forest Gardens, will be celebrated at Flinders Street Baptist Church on August 21. WEDDINGS. DE MOLE— WALTER. The marriage of Miss Josephine Wal ter, daughter of the kte Mr. G. F. Wal ter and -Mrs. Walter, of Cliftqnwood, Ben digo, and Mr. Lancelot Eldin de Mole, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. de Mole, of North Adelaide, and grandson of the late Mr. J. Eldin Moulden, of Adelaide, was very quietly celebrated at St. Matthew's Church. MarryatrUJe. on Wednesday, July' 21V?byihe;Rev. R. W. G-j Bejnp&er. tie bride, who 'was .given xprpn hi' &er »ro BierJn^Aw, Mr. iA.-G. Slatetf w-jre aTbe ctmaag coatee and skirt .of '-white mj-jre; veiouiB. The coat opened, over a dainty, blouse of pale, grey ninon with touches 'of vieus rose satin and pold brocaded ninon. Her hat was of white tagel, with a brbad band of moonlight blua velvet *ndi tw© 3*P- standinp white vsingo. Mr. .and Mre. L. E. de Mole left by the 'express for ~$LeV bourne, where the honeymoon will be spent. RICHARDSON— CRAWFORD. Last Saturday morning. Juiy 17. at the Brougham Place Congregational Church, the marriage of Miss Mary Crawford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Crawford. Riverina. Park terrace, St. Peters, and Mr. Reginald Richardson, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Richardson. Koppio. Port Lin coln, was celebrated by the Rev. Dr. Jeff ries. The. church wae artistically decor ated with white broom and pink roees. and a weddinjr bell hung over the communion table. Mr. Frederick Bevan played the 'Wedding March.' The bride, who was given away by ier fathpr, wore a white cloth costume and hat en suite, and car ried' a posy of pink rosebuds. She was at tended by her sister, Miss Jean Crawford, whose frock waa of lavender crepe de chine, and she carried a posy of violets. Mr. Tom Crompton was best man. A small luncheon was afterwards given at Riverina. Park terrace. Hackney, and iater in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Reg Rich- ardson motored to Victor Harbour. Among those present at the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Crawford, Misses Agnes and Kathleen Crawford. Mr. Hugh Crawford, -Miss Richardson, Miss Haw thorn Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Willcos Mr. and Mrs. E. C: Clucas Miss Dorothy Fitch. Mrs. A. C. Finlayson, Mrs. J. B Dowie, Miss Helen Dowie, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. van Senden, Miss Ermyn- trude van Senden. Mrs-. R. W. Dockett, Mts. A. King, Miss King, Mrs. Buttrose. Mr. Ian Buttrose, Mrs. Frank Wilcox.   Mr Geoffrey Wien Smith. Mrs. R. E. P. Osborne, Miss Filgate, Mrs. Main. Miss Main, Mrs. E. G. Phillips, Mrs. A. F. Brown, Miss Carrie Clayton, and Mrs. C. A. Hayward.   ANXELLS-JONES. A very pretty wedding was celebrated at the Highbury Street Methodist Church on Saturday, July 17, in the presence of a large oircie of triends, when Miss Ruby Jones, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Jones, of Dutton terrace, Medindie, was married to Mr. Horace G. Annells, voungest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Annells, of Voung street, Parkside. The ceremonv was performed by the Rev. J. Watts. 'The church was artistieaily decorated by friends of the bride. Strea mers of pink and white chrysanthemums and asparagus fern were arranged, and a wedding bell, hung in the centre of the arches, completed the decorations. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked eharmin-g in ivory crepe de chine, with beautiful lace and train lined with pale pink ninon caught with a spray of orange blossom. Her veil was of net with a coronet of tiie samp flower. A shower bouauet of white hyacinths and roses ™ carried. . She was attended by two bridesmauis. Miss Ethel Jones (sister nf the bride) and Miss Ethel Annc-lls (sistrr of the briderrroom'i. 'vTfoev were both dain tily frocked alike in pale pink satin diana with three vandvked frills 'ok, the skirts and the bodice prettily trimmed w/tli fine lace. They wore black tulle hats ? with, scalloped edges, trimmed with big black1 bow and pink posies, with black ve!v--t streamers. Their bouquets were of ralf nink and heliotrope sweet peas, autumn ieaves, and maidenhair fern. The motiipi of the bride was ffownerl in ampthvst *a. tin di.tna. trimmed with Oriental 'ia.ee. and hat en suite, and wore a feather bna. Tii-' mnthpr irf th^ i'.ride srroom tv-jre saxo irei-H ?'.* rhine iinr! hot en .suit?. Tr.o hrideproom was attended by Mr. T. Cr.miptnn ihc-t m:in) and Mr. J. DifwpH fgroonifsman'i. The wedding party lri't the -hui. h to t!:n strains ?){ ''The Wrddiiiz Mari'i,'' p'ayrci h\- ifr. H. Parsons. Mus. 15ac. Afterwards the recvntiori was held at 'Corra Linn.' the residence of the bride's parents, where a marquee was rrfvted nn t'lp - roquet lawn, and afternoon t?a was daintily served. The usual toasts were proposed, commencing with 'The King.'' the band playintr thf National Anthem. The bride's travelling dress was a blue French cloth

tailored coat and skirt'. Her hat was of white brocaded silk, with Dink posies. A white fox fur was worn. - The happy couple left for their honeymoon midst a shower of confetti. .Among those present were:— Mr. Reginald Jones. Cap tain and Mrs. Arthur Annells, Miss Mu riel Annells. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Day, Miss Freida Day, Mr. Fred Gale, Senator, 5«'s.. and Miss Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Hiintloy Shannon. Mr. and Mrs. Venner, Mr- and Mrs. Vates, Misses Thomas, Misses Gillingham, Mr.. Mrs., and Miss Goodes, ill-, and Mrs. Victor Cohen. Mr. and Mrs. Hotham, Mrs. Ken Hotham, Mrs- Herbert Hoskin'. Miss Eva Whaley (Melbourne!. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Con rad. Mrs. Laybourne Smith. Mrs. Wadev, Mrs. and Miss Clayton, Mrs. and Miss JJ.r'eh.1. Mrs- Rye. Mr. Harry Rye, Miss Vlinnie Baker, Miss Olive Quick. Miss Jessie Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jacket, Mrs. Wallace Bruce, Mr.. Mrs., and Miss Laurfiton, Mr. and Mrs. Chittleborough, Mifs Turner (Snowtownl. Miss Nora Don nell. Mies Lucy Reed. Mr. J. Porter, Miss \ De Rose. Miss Lena Linklater, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dalby MiBses London. Miss Lren, Mr.. Mrs., and Miw Xewing. Mr. fi^ Annells Mr. Herbert Annells, Miss Ida Annells, Miss Ivy Powell. Mr. Har rold Smyrk. Mr. and Mrs. George. D . Mildred George. Mr. and Mrs. Fergussrn. Mr. and Miss Pimlot, Mr. Siddall Miss Annie McEvrin, Mrs. and the M-'^ses CTiennell, Misses Reed. Mr. and Mr*. E Annelte. 'MiB. Wee, Mr. and Mtt. Nor man Botten. Mrs. Watts, MissPi Law rance, Mr. Cresser. Miss Ann- HitchingB. BRADLEY— DC^TX-CRAIGIE. On July 14 the marriage was celebrated of Miss Kathleen Dunn-Craigie, of Solom ontown and Mr. Ernest Bradley, of Port 1 lne- The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in white pail lette eiJk with beautiful net overdress. veil, and orange blossom. She carried a shower bouquet. The 'jridesmaid, Miss -May Craipe. sister- of the bride, wore a pretty white silk frock and carried a bou quet of tiny rosebuds and violets. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a rino coronet of diamonds; to bridesmaid, plu'n gold bangle. Gift from bride to groom, a dressing case. Owing to the bride's brother, Op.. Leshe Craigie, being at the front only the very near relatives and most intimate friends were present. After the ceremony the bridal party motored to the residence of Mrs. L. C. Veal. Crystal Brook, ' cousin of bridegroom, where the wedding 'breafc- faet was provided. The toast of 'The Bride and Bridiegroom' was proposed by the officiating minister, the Rev. J. Mc Intosh, and responded to by ? the bride groom, Messrs. Roy Job and'T. K. Olsen supporting. Mr. J. Hampson. who acted as best man. proposed 'The Bridesmaid.' Mr. H. J. Cavenette resoonded. Several motor cars were requisitioned for tie con veyance of Port Pirie friends. Prior to leaving three hearty cheers were given for the happy couple by the visitors. Mrs. W. Craigie (mother of bride) wore a beau tiful grey crepe de chine over silk, -white hat and lancer plume; Mis. Henry Silver (Rosewater). aunt of bride, was gowned in cream silk with net trimmings, hat and ostricfi plume to match; Mis. Ij. C. Veal wore a very pretty wedgwood blue coat and skirt with smart toque and lancer plume. The presents were numer ous and costlv. and many congratulatory letters and telegrams were received.