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Continental at Gilberton.

Last Saturday evening Mr. George Brookman threw open hiis spacious grounds at 'Ivanhoe,'' Edwin terrace, Gil berton, for a continental in aid of the Walkerville Motor Ambulance Fund. Both Mr. and Mrs. Brookman have interested themselves greatly in this fund, and the success of the continental should amply repay them for the trouble they had gone to in making the garden attractive. Myriads of coloured electric lights illumi- nated the grounds, and there was a very big attendance. The musical programme was arranged by the Commercial Travel lers' 'Country' Concert Party, with Mr. Frank Duxbury as the leading spirit. Items were given by Messrs. Harry Jes- sop, H. W. Mumme. O. Tonkin, Murray Barlow, Arnold Treloar, F. Pascoe, A. At- tiwell, and Mack. The tea and coffee stall was in charge of Lady Butler, Mesdames R. H. Craw ford, A. E. Knuckey. A. McDonald, Tay lor, Arthur Conrad, Roland Cudmore, and ; W. G. Kither, Sweets and flowers were   in charge of Mrs. Fred Wimble, Miss Gardner, and Miss Muecke, assisted by Misses Bruce Gow, D. Bennett, M. Fisher, and Helen Wimble, while the cool drinks were dispensed by Mrs. J. S. Colquhoun, Mrs. Alfred Wells, and the Misses Wells. Misses Edith Ward and Maud Brooks told the fortunes of all who so desired. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. George Brookman. Bishop Wilson, Mr. R. H. Crawford, Mrs. A. Bennett, Mrs. Buscombe, Mrs. Gavin Gardner. Mrs. Peter Pendlebury. Mrs. Jule Wendt. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Slater. Mrs. G. F. Walter (Bendigo), Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Wheadon, Miss Margaret Todd. Miss Dora Muecke, Miss Devine. Mr. T. N. Stephens. Mrs. Cave. Miss Inez Adams. Miss Natalie Lucas, Mr. F. B. McBryde. Mrs. A. Poin- ton, Miss Phyllis Pointon, Mrs. R. de la Poer Beresford. Miss Mary Acraman, Mrs. W. A. Verco, Mrs. W. Angus, Miss Molly Ferguson, Mrs. R. J. Adams, Miss Kath- leen Adams, Tpr. C. Koll. Miss Lloyd Roberts, Mrs. H. Heinicke, Mrs. W. F. Stock, Mrs. George Aldridge. Miss Maude Prosser, Mr. Malcolm Phillipps. Mrs. Ainslie Caterer. Miss Brenda Caterer Mrs. E. F. Belt, Miss Levi, Miss Olive Levi, Miss Evelyn King, Miss Riclard -on, Miss Ermyntrude van Senden, Mrs.     Minchin. Miss Ruth Minchin, Mrs. A. G. Gebhardt, Miss Barbara Giles, Miss Bea trice Jones. and Miss Gladys Dancker.